Fallout 4 Will Never Be Perfect and That’s Just Fine

The moment we have all been eagerly waiting for is finally here: Fallout 4 has shipped and the social lives, hygiene and overall health of the gaming population has sunken into a state of blissful peril. Fans of the series or of vast open world games in general are expecting some glitches, bugs and overall janky physics to impact their game. After all, this is a Bethesda game. A few bugs here and there are to be expected for vast open world games, but should the consumer be frustrated with the developers for allowing certain bugs to slip through the cracks?

Fallout 4’s launch has been a smash success. Since the midnight release, copies of the game have been flying off shelves like hot cakes, but the Fallout 4 hot cakes have been hit with problems. The first players who had purchased the open world post-apocalyptic role playing game had come across issues while traversing the Boston area after a nuclear war and these problems have nothing to do with encountering Death Claws or Super Mutants. Bethesda Softworks was forced to release a patch to fix problems such as glitches that led to vault dwellers becoming trapped in elevators, using armor, along with issues involving game loading.

Nevertheless, there wasn’t much to fear as Bethesda’s Day One Patch was released within hours of the game’s launch and the patch was meant to fix many of these issues. What gamers have to keep in mind is that these are massive open world games that have a lot of gears and cogs working at the same time and with each new generation of gaming and software updates, these games just keep getting bigger. They have more features getting stuffed into their codes with less and less time to do it and the more that’s packed into their travel bags, the harder it is to keep everything in line. So if you were expecting a perfect copy of Fallout 4 day one, that’s on you, not the developers. It’s not like game makers are sitting in their ivory towers twirling their pencil thin mustaches and laughing maniacally when they hear of game breaking bugs emerging within their games.

As consumers we need to understand that games will always be imperfect at launch no matter how many hours play testers and developers pumped into combing through them. Especially with open-world games, there are just to many factors going on compared to a game similar to an Uncharted or Call of Duty as their areas are more contained and easier to root out bugs. Not to mention the financial and economic influences during a game launch as well because when you have publishers, shareholders and a constantly diminishing clock hovering over your shoulder, some issues are going to make it through. Besides, it has always been known that Fallout 4 would have some of the issues it had during launch. These types of situations are unfortunately routine with these types of games and to be expected, however, they are also expected to be fixed within a few days or so.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, (which is unlikely), just about every critic and reviewer of the game is shouting from the rooftop that the game is full of bugs steaming from “game-breaking” to frame rate drops. As a whole, however, Fallout 4 is regarded as a groundbreaking new entry in Bethesda’s bestselling series and if the day one patch and any other patch to follow is something that is bothering you, at least try to consider this: they are recognizing that there is in fact an issue with the game and are working on fixing it. Because in all seriousness they could be like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 and Assassin’s Creed Unity’s team who just did not seem to care. All in all, we must admit that, yes, these issues are annoying and a pain to deal with when they appear nine hours or so into your play session. But if you are that worried about it, then you should hold off on picking up your copy of the game and wait a month so while all the major issues at launch can be discovered and patched.