Metro Developers Defend Decision To Charge Money For Remakes Because Duh, Stop Whining

Alright, so perhaps they never said “duh, stop whining” but honestly if they had I still would’ve supported their decision because I can’t understand why this was a thing they needed to defend in the first place.

If you haven’t been following Metro Redux, 4A Games is releasing remade versions of their games Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light that have a number of improvements over the originals. Remakes are not anything new to the gaming industry, but this remake appears to have ruffled some feathers over at the Steam forums because some people have food that is older than the¬†originals, in particular Last Light which just came out last year. 4A is offering 50 percent off coupons to those people that already own the titles on Steam, an offer that some individuals accepted gratefully and caused other individuals to throw a big temper tantrum and demand an even better deal.

4A, apparently not having had to deal with people in the midst of a temper tantrum before, thought it would be a good idea to sit down and explain things rationally. It is a noble effort but as anyone who has ever been around a two year old knows, it would be a far better use of your time to let them yell for a couple of minutes until they tire themselves out and pass out on your floor. They have quite the detailed post explaining their decision on their Steam community page, but here are some of the reasons they gave for selling the remake to people who owned the original.

  • Significantly updating the 4A Engine, adding (amongst many other features) Global Illumination and terrain tessellation, as well numerous performance enhancements
  • Upgrading Metro: Last Light to run in this engine, while adding some minor features such as Check Watch and Check Inventory, and some significant ones such as the new ‘Survival’ play style
  • Completely re-building Metro 2033 to run in the new 4A engine, with the new and improved Last Light gameplay framework; and adding new content and assets

In other words, they did a lot of work and expect payment in return for their goods. People are allowed to expect that, and there is no reason to expect to get it all for free just because you think you have grandfathered yourself in. Now, is it a good¬†idea to remake a game that is only a year old and didn’t have any demand for a remake anyway? No, and I have no idea why 4A Games thought this was a thing anyone needed. It just shouldn’t be allowed at this point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a month we saw an announcement for Metro Redux: Redux Edition where you can control your character’s sneezes and sit in awe of the games improved eyebrow physics. So go ahead and roll your eyes at this unneeded re-release if you want, but don’t think this is some sort of personal affront to you if you own the non-redux editions because, see, here’s the thing: you don’t have to buy the game.

Now, if you think that this is too soon to be releasing a remake and you don’t think the game is worth a purchase since part of it literally came out last year, then fine. I totally understand that. However, just by looking at this trailer they put together to showcase Metro Redux you can tell that a substantial amount of work went into improving upon the original titles. Even if the game isn’t even old enough to be collecting dust, 4A Games has clearly made some substantial graphical improvements and promises that the AI will be much improved as well. Thus, while abstaining from the game is a sound decision, demanding you receive a free copy of it because hey you purchased the original so they like totally OWE you this man puts you on far less solid ground. This original game worked just fine, and it isn’t as if they omitted some patch that fixed some glaring error. This is more than just a minor tweak here or there. They put in time making a product, giving you the definitive version of their game, and you will have to buy it to play it. That’s just sort of how this works.