NA LCS Finals: Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid

Ever since Spring of 2013 only three teams have ever won an NA LCS split. Those teams are Team SoloMid, Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming. Of all of these championships TSM and C9 have met in 5 of them with TSM winning all but two. It’s incredible trend that’s only continuing, and this year it’s set up to be a classic just like all of the rest.

If TSM were an MLB team they would be the Yankees and Bjergsen would be their Derek Jeter. This is a comparison that someone else made, but it rings incredibly true. Like the captain Bjerg is the face of his team. He’s the rock that they have and when you expect someone to do their part to lead the team he’s the one that comes to mind. That’s just the way it is and the way it’ll continue to be heading into Sunday.

Like all greats Bjerg won’t be alone. He’ll have great support in the form of his top lane and jungler to make sure everything goes as planned for them this weekend. Svenskeren and Hauntzer have both been lights out for the team and saved them on many occasions throughout the split. If they can manage it for one more weekend with the captain they can claim yet another title to add to the their halls.

No sports comparisons here, but C9 is another mid lane focused team. Jensen is definitely a candidate for MVP of the split as he turned things around for C9 numerous times en route to an incredible first half of the split and second place finish during the regular season. Likewise, he has an incredible jungle and top duo in the freshly minted rookie of the split Contractz and former Worlds champion Impact. Even when teams focus to take down Impact to weaken the them they’ve found a way to win with either Jensen or Contractz leading the way.

The kicker for C9 is that they have one of , if not the best, laning bot lane in the LCS. Both Smoothie and Sneaky have been able to win their lanes consistently throughout the split setting their team off on the right foot. Contractz doesn’t have to spend too much time down their either, because they’ve done so well. While Wildturtle and Biofrost are good in their own respective right, Turtle hurts the team with his consistent lack of attention to what’s happening around him. He’s died alone pushing out the bot lane numerous times which has cost them and flashes in to try and finish kills that aren’t there.

This feels like the most even we’ve seen C9 and TSM throughout the years, and even though historically TSM have the edge I’m going to go with C9. C9 is an incredible team that takes risk to get themselves back into a match they may be behind in. It’s something they’ve shown all split when punished during their early game and will be valuable here. Regardless this will be one of the best matches of the split unless something goes horribly wrong for one team.

  • Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid(3-2)