NA LCS Playoff Predictions: Counter Logic Gaming vs Team EnVy

Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas made for some great League of Legends today and hopefully Counter Logic Gaming vs Team EnVy can follow suit.

My prediction for yesterday ended up being the exact opposite of what I thought/hoped was going to happen. I’m not surprised DIG won, but I thought it would be a more back and forth series of five games. Instead it was moreso DIG turning in on late in their close games at Baron fights. Contrary to their history as an org, they completely owned that area today.

That’s enough of them, today we have two new teams competing for a chance to extend their split and maybe make it to worlds. CLG has had a great split and finally returned to the top of the ladder. After winning two splits in a row they had a little lull and couldn’t escape the middle of the table. Everything started off with them acquiring Dardoch this Summer and it’s ended with them promoting Omargod and essentially sending Dardoch back to TL.

Come the end of the split they struggled a little bit splitting each week 1-1. Before that drop, they held the number one spot for a bit but ended up being the number 3 seed for playoffs. During this struggle period they played EnVy and beat them 2-0, so they have that going for them at least.

I think for them to take home the win today they have to keep Omargod and Huhi in good spots. Basically, make sure Omar is comfortable and keep Huhi on a utility mid lane champ. Huhi doesn’t need to win lane, but be able to make macro plays for his team whenever. Pick and Ban should be interesting as LirA and Omargod have two completely different styles to EnVy can afford to ban out some of the more meta junglers that Omargod has been using.

For EnVy, they finished the split sub .500 and have had a rough go of things. Their shining light is that LirA is an incredible jungler who can pull out a win for them and Hakuho is a great support. Unfortunately I don’t think they have the coordination or the skill to steal this one from CLG. Granted what I think means nothing evident by the match yesterday, I still have to side with my gut, however.

If EnVy has any sort of a chance it’ll be off of a carry by LirA. They have good pieces everywhere, but getting everyone to produce at a high level week in and week out has been a struggle for them. I think CLG takes it 3-0.

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Team EnVy (3-0)