NA LCS Promotion Tournament Round 1 Predictions

The regular season is over and the promotion teams that fought so hard to get here have an even worse chance of making it into the LCS. Their chance is literally zero now that franchising will be taking effect next split, but they can show off their stuff against the lower tier LCS teams and get some bragging rights going into next split. If they’re picked up that is.

Representing the LCS will be Team Liquid and Phoenix1 and representing the CS is Gold Coin United and eUnited. These teams will face off in a Bo5 to determine which side of the bracket they move on to next week. Below are the matchups that will be taking place.

  • Phoenix1 vs Gold Coin United (3-1)
  • Team Liquid vs eUnited (3-0)

To be completely honest neither LCS team should lose here, but dropping a game can happen. It’s a long series and they could get lazy one game. Lose two, however, and you’re obviously in trouble. Phoenix1 could be in a bit of trouble as they take on GCU but only that team is comprised of mostly veterans. For instance, they have Santorin formerly of TSM, Madlife formerly of CJ Entus and an LCK legend, and lastly FLY who is formerly of Longzhu Gaming. Those are three very good players, but can they carry against five LCS players?

I personally don’t think they’ll be able to but anything is possible and the teams don’t have anything to play for other than pride and bragging rights. Everything kicks off at Noon today and they should be good contests.