NA LCS Third Place Match Prediction: Team Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming

Before we get the big match this weekend we have some loose ends to tie up. That loose end is who takes home third place this year.

Vying for the title of third best is Team Dignitas and Counter Logic Gaming. For both teams, this is a big accomplishment considering where they finished last split. They both made the playoffs but didn’t manage to make it past the first round. They were both taken out by the teams that were in this position last split, Phoenix1 and FlyQuest.

For CLG this is the culmination of a good split. They acquired Dardoch to start things off and though he may not have meshed well with the team for the majority of the split they did see good results. After releasing him they were able to bring in OmarGod off of their challenger team and the success continued for a bit.

After a close quarterfinal against EnVy, CLG lost to IMT in 3 straight games. After a close first game, CLG’s jungle and bot lane failed to really get going. They can’t allow that to happen here with their opponents being just as good as what they faced. If OmarGod can’t have a strong performance or get his bot lane going they’re going to have a rough time.

Huhi and Darshan can do a lot with very little so they don’t need attention. For Huhi, so long as he isn’t far behind he’s still able to make a great macro impact to his team. That’s his biggest asset as he’s generally on control mid laners and not carries. It’s pretty much the same for Darshan who thrives on strong split pushers. Whether they’re a tank or carry so long as he can stay even he gets his team a huge macro advantage by always keeping side lanes pushing.

Where they need help is their bot lane who’s good in their own right, but get a lot of attention. If they can get Stixxay on a good late game scaling champ he can have a big impact even with a mediocre laning experience. If they can get him Tristana, they’ll be in good hands.

For DIG, they’re worst spots against Team SoloMid was their top lane and jungle. Oddly enough the lane that carried them the most during the beginning of the split had a very rough go of things on Maokai. In Ssumday’s two games on the champ during the series, he went 0/11. Those games were pretty easily taken by TSM and Shrimp didn’t have the best of times either.

So while DIG has moved away from needing Ssumday to hard carry for them, him not being useless is still necessary. The big thing for them today is that they aren’t going against Hauntzer in top or Doublelift in bot. That’s why I think they can get a win here against CLG.

If DIG can play like they did against C9 where their bot lane was incredibly strong they’ll have a good time. For the most part, CLG has had a rough go of playoffs. I think DIG pull this one off in 4.

  • Team Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming (3-1)