NA LCS Week 7 Day 2 Predictions

So, I’ve already written all of this and unfortunately it was all lost. Here goes the sparknotes edition. Before we get into any of that, however, here’s the rankings going into day two:

1)  Cloud9 (11-2)

2) Team SoloMid (10-2)

3) Phoenix1 (7-5)

4) FlyQuest (7-6)

5) Counter Logic Gaming  (6-6)

6)  Immortals, Echo Fox (5-7)

7) Team Dignitas (4-8)

9) Team EnVy (3-9)

10) Team Liquid  (3-9)

Today we have a whole slate of matches with some nice standings implications. It can either solidify a team’s spot or help propel them further up the latter in pursuit of the elusive playoff position.

Starting off we have CLG hoping to win out this week and take fourth and Dig hoping they can win out, if the start align, take over the fifth place spot. I still believe in Dig and their ability to turn this split around so I’m taking them. In Cop I trust. While CLG is more than capable of winning this, I just lean more Dig than CLG.

EnVy and TSM should be about as straightforward as it gets. EnVy have shown strides against teams in the middle of the pack, but that’s not TSM and their macro should be enough if things get hairy. In order for EnVy to have a shot LiRa is going to have to will them to victory by getting his lanes and and playing a great mid to late game if they can’t smash early. While I think they may be able to sting that together for one match I’m not banking on it for a whole series.

Fly have been doing the cheese thing all split for varying results. It’s become less cheese and more their identity. The picks can work, but teams know their limitations and are responding appropriately to shut it down. That being said IMT is really struggling right now and I don’t think it really matters how FlyQuest plays they should take it home. If they do lose, however, then Fly will have some personal questions to answer as to how they go forward. Maybe not with a Maokai support.

Lastly, we have P1 and Echo Fox. Ignoring the internal troubles with P1 they had a great showing against FlyQuest. They managed to take them out in two straight and can solidify themselves in third with a win here. For Echo Fox this is all about who shows up to play today. Will it be the team that took down TSM or the team that lost to EnVy? They are constantly beating themselves with their inconsistency and if they could put it all together things would be incredibly different right now.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day two in bold: (32-16)

  • CLG vs Dig (1-2)
  • EnVy vs TSM (1-2)
  • Fly vs IMT (2-1)
  • P1 vs Echo (2-1)