NA LCS Week 8 Day 3 Predictions

So if you’re reading this I’m already half-way across the world. Probably not really, but I am actually making my way across the Atlantic to a new world and won’t actually be here to see any of the games. I’m actually writing this even before Saturday’s games so that’s why the standings will be the same from post Friday. Enough of this though here are the rankings going into the final day(Circa Friday):

1) Team SoloMid (12-2)

2) Cloud0 (11-3)

3) Phoenix1 (9-5)

4) Counter Logic Gaming (8-7)

5) FlyQuest (7-7)

6) Team Dignitas  (7-8)

7) Immortals (6-8)

8) Echo Fox  (5-10)

9) Team Liquid (4-11)

9) Team EnVy  (3-11)

Echo Fox aren’t playing near well enough to take down TSM, but the crazy thing is they have this split. Hoping history doesn’t repeat itself I’m taking TSM. Any way you want to slice it TSM is technically the better team and should show up as such, but like I’ve said every post who knows what Echo Fox is going to show up. This should be TSM 2-0 barring Echo Fox making the impossible possible and being consistent for a series.

Reiterating myself from Saturday I don’t trust that Immortals can get the job done against any top of the ladder team and P1 have been playing well as of late. This match should be more fodder for them to continue their climb, but I do think they’ll have to work for it. This should shape up for a good series with P1 taking home the W.

CLG and Fly is another game for Fly that could’ve been better if they weren’t using their set of tactics. CLG have been getting better and getting wins to move up so it would be interesting to see how they’d fare here. They’re obviously still rough in places, but wins are wins are wins. Depending on whether or not Fly want to make playoffs we may see a different set up out of them, but they’re just having a good time. I’m taking CLG here in the hopes that they continue their surge and can secure their spot in the playoffs with this win.

I don’t really have anything to say for this match. Do I need to say anything? I think everyone predicts C9 to win easily over EnVy unless of course EnVy is playing well and C9 is still struggling a bit. I think even then it’s a close series with C9 winning. Yeah that’s pretty much it.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day three in bold: (39-19)*No Predictions Week 9. Out of Town*

  • Team SoloMid vs Echo Fox (2-0)
  • Phoenix1 vs Immortals (2-1)
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest (2-1)
  • Team EnVy vs Cloud9 (1-2)