Not Owning a 4K TV Won’t Make you Any Less a Man

With all the murmuring about the PS4 supporting 4K, we knew an official announcement of a TV with the resolution would soon follow from Sony. It’s happened and it’s called the XBR-84X900. Priced at a whopping $25,000, the TV is 84″ and besides supporting 4K, will also feature upscaling and 3D.

While many are labeling this as pointless, let’s be honest: it’s mainly because we’re self-concious that there will be tech better than ours. To be fair, an 84″  TV and that’s going to cost you regardless of 4K or not. 84″ 1080p TVs will set you back just shy of $5k. If you’ve been a patron of the Cinemark XD screens (among some others), you’ve seen the power 4K has to offer and it’s hard to refute the format isn’t an advancement. It can be admitted the format is impressive without yet being necessary, however.

PS3/360 games unable to do 1080p, and it will be a long time until they can do 4K. While new movies would get an edge in the resolution, most classic films look as best as they will ever look with their fully restored Blu-ray releases. Blu-rays won’t be replaced for at least half a decade and even then, the format will likely not be physical.

So my budget-minded readers: don’t fret. 4K will exist, but unlike 1080p, it won’t mean having to redo your entire home theatre — at least until the point you would have expected to anyway. When it does happen, it won’t phase out current technology, but simply exist as another option. These 4K gadgets and supportive tech will just be here to test the waters and lay the groundwork for the future. Until 4k formats exist (which definitely is more than five years away), you’ll still have the best possible home experience. I’d rather consumer electronic manufacturers be trying to ensure the best tech for the future now instead of plopping something dissapointing on the market when consumers are ready to adopt. It’s time to stop worrying and learn to love 4k.