Pokémon We’d Like to See in Pokkén Tournament

The recent announcement of a fighting style Pokémon game is exciting. Ever since Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Lucario and others appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series, there have been fans wondering if we’ll ever get to see our favorite pocket monsters duking it out. There are over 700 Pokémon, but based on what we’ve seen and know about the new game, it doesn’t look like all of them could appear. This list has some combatants in no particular order that should bring a new spin to a button mashing good time.

Dual Type Pokémon

These contenders are all part Fighting-type, part something else. If type match-ups are calculated then it will be easier to choose some fighters over others. Poliwrath, being part Water, is a weird combination. It has average stats and a variety of attacks that could carry over well to Pokkén Tournament. If going up against a Blaziken, Poliwrath should have nothing to fear. Breloom on the other hand is part Grass and wouldn’t fair well at all against a Blaziken. They are a fun choice though because in anime episodes they are shown to have spring-like arms able to extend several feet. Watching how they’ll incorporate the mushroom-kangaroo creature will be more fun even if it’s frail. Fighting-types are weak to Psychic Pokémon and Medicham is both. They are capable of wielding incredible power with its Pure Power ability and it can Mega Evolve. Seeing it levitate around the battlefield would be a nice touch.

Gallade is another Psychic/Fighting-type but would have a very different style. It uses its arms like swords which means its stance would be that of a fencer and adds more technique and finesse than just brutally pulverizing an opponent. Hawlucha is another one with a new style of fighting. It resembles a Lucha libre wrestler which would give it a very unique set of moves. It’s also a Flying-type, another one of Fighting’s weaknesses, so Hawlucha is definitely a wise choice if it makes it into the game. Emboar are very large and hulking Pokémon. It would use its size to its advantage and push everyone around. It’s basically a sumo wrestler that breathes fire. There are plenty more Pokémon that can be listed, but these few offer something different because they have two types.

Pure Fighting Type

We can’t have a fighting game without the Pokémon known primarily to invoke a good beatdown. The entire Hitmon-family would fit in Pokkén Tournament. Hitmonchan is a boxer and the only Pokémon with such skills. They throw lightning fast jabs and should probably be the star of the entire game, but we’ll see about that. Of course, we can’t have Hitmonchan without arch rival Hitmonlee. The kickboxing expert has always been the fan favorite between the two and has higher attack stats than its counterpart. It’s quick on its feet and can extend its reach two times its original length. We know with both of them on screen we’re in for some epic clashes. Then comes Hitmontop who also uses its feet. But this Pokémon has yet another unique fighting style with the Brazilian martial arts of capoeira. It also does a lot of spinning, so all those kicks are going to hurt even more. All these different techniques to fighting makes all the possibilities very exciting.

Hariyama is similar to Emboar in that they’re both sumo wrestlers. But Hariyama has the style and stance down pat. They have humongous hands that act like bulldozers and can probably push mountains out its way. It’s another Pokémon with the perfect, unique style that would be welcomed in a fighting game. Conkeldurr is a huge brute and isn’t afraid to show off its strength. They wield two cement columns with ease. Actually using items as weapons opens the door for others to join in. It’s possible using items will effect fighters, giving them a boost of power. Many Fighting-types are big and slow, but that’s not the case for Mienshao. They’re sleek and happen to be the fastest pure fighter in the game. Their style and appearance is based on Shaolin Kung Fu, adding to the array of styles that can be utilized.

 Non-Fighting Types

Since it’s technically a fighting game of course it’ll be filled with Fighting-type Pokémon. However, that doesn’t mean it will be limited to just using them. Pokémon games are all about catching ’em all, so it’s unlikely this one will exclude the hundreds that are left. Lopunny can learn a few Fighting moves and once it goes Mega it becomes Normal/Fighting. Since it starts out Normal it’ll fall under this category. They’re fast but don’t pack too much of a punch however, its abilities could come into play. Cute Charm immobilizes opponents and if it can use non-fighting moves then there’s even more room for Lopunny to become useful. Golurk are completely immune to Fighting-type attacks because of their Ghost-type. Of course in a game like this it should take some damage. It has the ability Iron Fist which powers up punching moves, so they’re natural contenders. Maybe they don’t know how fight per se, but can knock someone out. There’s one Pokémon, Zoroark, who can impersonate others but is ultimately weak to Fighting-types. But, it should be fun for it to take part in the tournament. It’s got that fighting spirit as well as enough attacks for the game to make it look like it belongs. Just imagine it throwing a few painful scratches, honing in on any weak spots. The list is endless in this category with plenty of room for almost every Pokémon.

Special Cameo Appearances

Now, we don’t know exactly who or what will appear in Pokkén Tournament, but there’s certainly three Pokémon that would be a nice shout out to the early days. In an early episode of the Pokémon anime, there’s a tournament going on featuring Fighting-types. Some of the Pokémon mentioned earlier make appearances, naturally. In the episode, Brock and Ash enter the tournament in hopes of becoming the champ. Ash teaches Pikachu how to box because he wants to battle a Hitmonchan. Donning a pair of boxing gloves, Pikachu goes at it with Hitmonchan only to miss every time. When Pikachu unleashes his special Rocket Punch he finally gives Hitmonchan a fat cheek. So, to see Pikachu make an appearance in the game will be a nice touch, maybe not as a playable fighter but it’ll show up somewhere. Also, in the episode was Brock’s Geodude. For whatever stupid reason Brock wanted to enter the competition with a Rock-type which are weak to Fighting. Anyway, he learned the hard way with Geodude losing to a barrage of kicks, throwing in the towel to save him from further pain.

The main reason Ash entered the tournament was to use his Primeape. Usually a hothead ready to blow a gasket, Primeape is up for a good fight. As a Mankey, Primeape thought it was funny to wear Ash’s hat and run away from him. It took some time getting it back, but he was able to successfully capture it in the process. Using his new team member, Ash entered the tournament and won it all in the end. Of course, if Primeape were to appear in the game there should be an option to wear the signature red cap just like in the show. The likelihood of tying the anime with the game is low, but still worthy of noting.

There you have it; a few potential contenders. It’s actually not that far-fetched (get it?) to pick them all. According to the official Twitter account for the game, fans can vote on which Pokémon they want to see appear. With enough votes, maybe we will be able to see Geodude turn to dust. And with the game being developed with the help of those behind Tekken and Soul Calibur, it could be the next big thing. There will be lots of room for Pokémon and their attacks to be re-imagined in new ways.

Tell us who you wish to see make it into Pokkén Tournament in the comments below