Rockstar’s Latest GTA Online DLC Wasn’t their Idea

When GTA 5 first launched its online community back in October 2013, Rockstar didn’t expect for it to grow into the mammoth it has become, although a part of them had to see it coming. Now, two years later, the servers are running smoothly and gamers have a wide variety of criminal activities to choose to take part of through various content updates now available to them. With Rockstar’s latest update, is it possible that the famed sandbox studio has drawn inspiration from their online community?

Within months of GTA Online going live, a small scene of inspired creators started to crop up as they found creative ways to use props such as trailers to create their own stunt courses. These courses range from a simple jump across a gap to crazy loop-de-loops that players can only traverse at high speeds during intense race matches. Just typing “GTA Online Stunts” into Google or YouTube will bring up thousands upon thousands of results along with hours of awe-inspiring entertaining of mind blowing creations, brought to life through simple prop tools in creator mode and a few mods sprinkled around here and there.


The latest incoming DLC content is entitled Cunning Stunts and this is the first time GTA has explored this kind of crazy over the top wacky side of themselves…openly that is. The DLC will introduce stunt-track props (among other unannounced content) which will allow players to create their own insane creations with much more ease in a heck of a lot less time than ever before. Usually, those of us who are not experts in creator mode will spend hours, even days, struggling to attempt creating a simple ramp or trying to figuring out how to stack shipping containers one on top of the other at the precise angle needed to allow for a ramp or a loop to be crafted. Only for our vain attempts to end with a mangled hideous mess that could be mistaken for some sort of abstract art piece.

“The inspired Creator scene will be getting a vast new set of props, for an evolution of stunting, racing and trials-style creations, and other gameplay possibilities that will surely defy imagination,” Rockstar revealed earlier this year and were most likely driven to this conclusion by their utter shock of the creative minds of the Creator Scene in the GTA Online community, who were able to take simple prop extras and twist them into high-octane trill rides, which most likely inspired the DLC to be created in the first place. I doubt that Rockstar would have released the Cunning Stunts DLC without the Creator Scene. Not to imply anything about Rockstar, but this time all credit rests on the shoulders of the various creators and their community that made the latest DLC content possible. This also speaks loudly about Rockstar and how seriously they take their fans who spend loads of time playing, creating and experiencing their games. No one expected or even really asked for the incoming DLC content, but after taking a few gapped mouth looks at what the Creator Scene had cooked up, Rockstar was more than sure there was an audience who could really use it and in turn create loads of content for users across the board.


Cunning Stunts will act more like an extension to the existing Creator Tools system while also adding a brand new Academy, although it has not been officially confirmed yet, based on the randomly generated advertisement board “Cunning Stunts Academy” that’s been cropping up around Los Santos, it’s expected to be a part of the incoming DLC. Personally I can not wait to hop online in a couple of months after the initial release of Cunning Stunts and see just what wild and crazy ideas the thriving Creator Scene has come up with with the slew of brand new tools now available to them.