Saints Row is Dead and Volition and Deep Silver Have Killed it

Ever since the conclusion of Saints Row 4, fans have been asking developers Volition and Deep Silver to return the now wacky out of this world gangster street gang series back to its roots. Their pleas, however, have fallen on deaf ears as the new over the top direction the series has been taken has found a new juvenile fan base which has grown from the ashes of the original games, leaving the original gangster concept behind in the dust., Volition has, however, announced a reboot series for the universe that the Saints occupy; could this give old and new fans alike the best of both worlds, or will the series continue to morph into a shell of its former self?

E3 2016 had brought a lot of gamers joy, as surprise long lost titles had finally revealed themselves to the world once again, but for some gamers E3 wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Specifically, for Saints Row fans that were holding out hope no matter how small that the next Saints Row game would red cone the previous two entries to the series and restart anew. Well in a way those Saints Row fans got their wish, but as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Saints Row has gotten yet again another facelift to keep the series “fresh” and “exciting” for fans of the series, however, Volition’s idea of fresh and exciting is taking a quickly waning subject (i.e the superhero phenomenon, a.k.a the new Western films) and stand around in a circle with the rest of the entertainment industry who has lost all creative thought to mindlessly beat the horse within an inch of its life.


The story of Agents of Mayhem centers around a group of Super Agents (Agents of Mayhem) who are set loose on the city of Seoul to save it from the destructive schemes of the evil super villain organization known as LEGION. Basically the basic model for every superhero story structure ever. The Agents of Mayhem are use technology, weaponry and gadgets to stop their foes and have no misgivings about using it all against their enemies regardless of the destruction they set fourth throughout the city and their citizens. Volition promises its fans that their “trademark” over-the-top form will be present throughout their game, which will look and feel like a typical superhero universe.

As if we didn’t have a handful of games that deliver us the typical superhero experience already, Volition would like its fans to believe that they are delivering a new take on all things familiar. “Inspired by an assortment of past and present pop culture revolving around super heroes, comics and Saturday morning cartoons, Agents of Mayhem takes inspiration from the favorite things of past and present generations of players! Over-the-top action combined with a comic-inspired art style and trademark humor takes Volition’s beloved rule-breaking gameplay experience to a whole new universe,” states Deep Silver’s website about the game. I might be salty about the downward direction Deep Silver and Volition’s combine efforts are dragging this series, but nothing of which we have seen nor heard so far from Agents of Mayhem makes me think “wow, this is a new Superhero take that hasn’t been done before!” If anything the game gives me strong Overwatch vibes more so than anything else.


It’s a real shame that Volition had lost faith in its original IP as Saints Row, as GTA-like as some might have you believe it to be, was a truly unique gaming experience. Not because of its setting or because of its gameplay, but because it stood out in an over-saturated market filled with run-of-the-mill “unique” superhero games like Watch Dogs, Infamous, Lego Marvel, any and all Batman games past and present and future, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Injustice, the upcoming Spider-man game, Marvel Heroes 2016 and so many more. Unique characters like Johnny Gat are lost to us and seem to have no place in the world of super-powered beings. It’s believed that Agents of Mayhem will blend in with the rest of the crowd once its release date draws closer upon us and will become a game that quickly fades into the back of gamers minds as a Tsunami worth of superhero games are about to crash down onto our shores.