Shmup Developer Cave is Completely Out of its Mind

So that headline is seems harsh, but only because it doesn’t mention that the company wants to utilize crowdfunding as their way of releasing their back-catalog of games on current-gen systems (and by current-gen systems, apparently they only mean PS4 and Steam). The developer took to writing up on social media what their financial milestones would be if they looked into using Kickstarter as a means of releasing their old bullet-hell’s on PC and PlayStation 4. And boy is the company out of its mind.

They outlined how this might look by first saying, “…It’s just idea, if we set a crowd funding, will it be good?”, and then later saying that this option is “attractive.” Which is all fine and well, but then they went insane and released the potential funding goals for such an endeavor:

  • $0.3M to 0.5M: porting a title to Steam
  • $1M: porting it to Steam and PS4
  • $3M: new STG title to a console

That’s right, people: three million dollars to release a new STG. Three million! THREE. MILLION. That’s half of Shenmue 3’s entire funding campaign. Another way of saying that is: that’s half of the game that holds the record for being the most backed video game in Kickstarter history. Even the initial goals for their ports are insane: 500k to port the game to Steam? Degica is releasing Mushihimesama this year on Steam (which is a Cave shmup, mind you) and did it without asking anyone for any money.

You know, it’s stuff like this that I just shake my head over. This is nothing more than a cash-grab for the fallen developer, and also speaks to why Cave has been on financial life-support for years now. Their business sense and decision-making skills are poor at best. Clearly they don’t understand what financial viability actually means — nor do they understand how crowdfunding works if they are asking half a million dollars to port a vertical scrolling shooter to the PC platform.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Cave’s games; they are among our favorites in the genre — DoDonPachi, Espgaluda, Deathsmiles — the list goes on and on. But this whole thing is blasphemy. As much as I love their games, and respect what they have done for the genre, I would not back a single one based off this absurd business model. Sadly, there will be people out there who will; and as a result, Cave will assume that their business practices are sound. And that’s a shame, because they are far from it. This only serves to show just how out of touch the developer really is.