Stephen King Books That Should Have Game Adaptations

Books to Movies has long been a staple in the film medium, spawning countless trilogies from everything between young adult novels to high and low fantasy films that have captured the attention of audiences everywhere. Although book to game adaptations are not an unheard of concept, they are far less common and frankly should stay that way as we don’t want to head down an original-less road like Hollywood. But if we had our choice on what books were made into games, the prime choice would be to dip into the creative mind of Stephen King.

With many great authors out there with magnificent and colorful worlds built within their books pages, it’s hard to choose just one author to talk about. When you’re talking about taking a linear experience and transforming it into a interactive one, your story needs to have a dense and well-crafted background for the developers to jump off from. There is no man with more detail in his books regarding their setting and backgrounds than Stephen King. King has long been dominating the bookshelves and with every new re-release his loyal and sometimes crazy fan base jumps on them like hot cakes. With his extensive catalogue, it’s hard to choose just a few off the list, but with keeping the idea of which books would translate well into a game, that list has been boiled down to three titles.


First up is Dark Tower, which is of course the obvious choice and probably the most popular for many King fans out there. The Dark Tower would either be transformed into a trilogy or into saga and the best developer to take the reigns behind this project would be CD Projekt Red, the creative force behind the Witcher games. With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s release, CD Projekt Red has proven to the gaming world that they know how to craft a master RPG experience. Taking everything they have learned from the Witcher and converting that knowledge to a Dark Tower game series would be a smooth as butter transition for them. Our main character would be Roland of Gilead, pretty close to Geralt of Rivia, and the game would be set in a massive open-world where much like in the Witcher, Roland can explore parallel realities and kill or help the people that inhabit the wasteland. Each side mission will have its own story line and interesting characters while the main story remains just as King has written it.

Next we have Under the Dome, developed by Telltale Games. This title will be an annual series releasing new episodes as you switch between a handful of major characters to discover the secret behind the mysterious dome’s appearance. Yes, CBS has already had an episodic series based off the books, however that series has been canceled and although the show had its moments overall, the series was doomed for a massive decline. The story was obviously present, but the way the network decided to handle the script and the characters ended up turning the show into a bumbling mess. Hence why I would put this entry into the capable hands of Telltale Games; they have already taken major iconic franchises like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and soon Batman and thrived, so taking the characters of Chester’s Mill and creating a story-driven game around them or a new resident addition who was unfortunate enough to be sealed under the dome after initially would fit right into their wheelhouse.


Last but not least we have It, developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Torro. These two men know survival horror; they are in fact the dream team of horror, demonstrating their capabilities at their barest form with P.T and even then it was absolutely terrifying. Together these men would be able to develop one scary game and give gamers lifelong nightmares with the inclusion of the monster It. I am not one for VR; in fact I loath it, but I openly admit and entertain the idea of playing a game developed by one of these two men in a VR atmosphere. Just imagine It himself coming after you in the claustrophobic confines of a VR headset. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and while you scream in absolute terror, you must try to remember how to defeat the creature once and for all. A horror lovers’ wet dream.

King’s stories reach across multiple genres and with the right team behind him, his ideas could stem some amazing games, but atlas we settle down and come to the grim realization that these ideas are merely pipe dreams…especially that last one. If any of King’s stories were considered to be transformed into a game, however, developers should rest assured that they will be played and they will be loved as long as there done right by the author and the story.