The Art of the Deal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The level of customization and personalization in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is truly incredible. Players have near-full control over every aspect of their homes and islands, and they have a staggering number of objects with which to decorate. The only thing players don’t have much influence over though is exactly which objects are available to decorate with. Furniture, materials and recipes are doled-out on a random basis, meaning that the best place to get that one missing piece is usually in one of the online hubs for the wider Animal Crossing community.

These marketplaces can be tough to navigate since prices have steadily increased as the game has worn on, but don’t worry; it’s not impossible to make a good deal for that DJ Booth or stack of wood. Whether buying or selling, success is just a matter of keeping a few simple tips in mind.

Bells and Nook Mile Tickets Aren’t the Only Options

Most listings in the various Animal Crossing market channels ask for either Bells or Nook Mile Tickets (NMTs) in trade. That’s all well and good, and convenient for those who have them in decent quantities. They need not be the be-all, end-all of trade, though. Most players want these things because they’re universally accepted by the community as currency, and currency is always just a means to get something else, meaning that there’s room to barter.

If one doesn’t have Bells or NMTs, then one can simply offer something else. Stacks of materials, DIY recipes, furniture, crafting services, watering services and even fish can all be offered in trade. Players need all of these things and they’re often what all those Bells and NMTs are spent on, so skipping straight to the point is often a great way to make a good deal without the main two currencies. Just ask if the seller what they’re looking for or even just create a listing and wait. It can take time, but it always works eventually.

Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

Haggling is a key skill needed to make a good deal in the Animal Crossing marketplace. Sure some people will flat-out refuse to budge from their price, but it never hurts to ask. This is especially easy to do when sellers don’t list specific prices and ask for offers instead; it means they’re open to negotiation. Start with your low-end price and work from there. If selling, then do the opposite. Start with your ideal price and work down if it’s not readily accepted by the other player. Chances are good in both cases that both players will arrive at a price they’re comfortable with. If not, then better luck next time. Just talking to someone by no means creates an obligation to buy from/sell to them.

Check the Other Channels or Threads

If one isn’t getting much traction on the channel dedicated to their desired item or resource, then one should try going to a different channel. Everyone playing this game has items or resources in storage that they don’t necessarily need. Just because someone isn’t on the crafting materials channel trying to sell their stone doesn’t mean that they don’t have any to trade. It may be that they’re just more interested in trading furniture at the moment. So why not try to make a deal? Trade them the furniture they want and ask for that stack of stone instead of a different furniture piece. The same goes for any other trade out there.

Be Patient

One shouldn’t expect to always get a bunch of responses right away. People online are not always necessarily watching their listings or actively scanning for new ones. It may, and often does, take time for a person to respond. It may also take some time for the right buyer to actually spot one’s listing. Just be patient and keep looking in the meantime. Buyers and/or sellers will make contact. It’s just a matter of time. This is particularly true when it comes to turnip trading. Prices have gotten crazy over the past few weeks, but it’s still possible to buy/sell at lower rates for a decent fee. Competition is fierce among those offering prices at the 200-400 bell rage, so making a deal shouldn’t be too difficult if one is willing to wait for the right listing.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Friends
Above All Else, Be Friendly!

This is one is perhaps the most important thought to keep in mind. Everyone here is just trying to enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizons, please so do try to be as pleasant as possible. Making initial contact with a fun, enthusiastic greeting creates a much more pleasant atmosphere for the trade. It won’t necessarily help the price, but it will make the other person much more willing to talk and make a fair deal. Beyond that though, being complimentary and striking up small conversations is a great way to make friends within the community. It also makes the whole process a lot more fun. Who knows, one might even be able to make contacts for future trades or crafting needs. People prefer dealing with people they know and like after all.

By keeping all this in mind, one shouldn’t have much trouble getting everything they need to make their perfect island. Not every deal will be in the reader’s favor of course, but it’ll all even out in the end. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons online marketplace is as wild and full of opportunity as the real thing. In some ways it’s even better since most member of the Animal Crossing community are more than happy to help their fellow islanders craft the island getaway of their dreams. Just get out there, get creative and be flexible!

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