Uncharted 4’s Story Trailer Proves Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The date is set and our first look into the story revolving around Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End proves that indeed good things come to those who wait. After an extended wait period of two delays, Naughty Dog gives us a glimpse into Nathan Drakes last outing and boy was it worth every minute.

The trailer starts off in a new direction compared to its predecessors debuts as instead of focusing in on glamorous action set-pieces, fans were treated to a more mature and deeper look at the game’s overall story and the beautifully-crafted relationships between the characters we’ve come to know and love. The theme and tone of the trailer walks hand in hand with our older Nathan Drake, as instead of just watching him blow stuff up and jump around like he would in his younger years, we now get to see him at a much slower pace.

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Throughout the trailer we are introduced to a variety of new characters joining us in our adventure, but the star of this trailer is not Nate, Sully or Elaina, but instead Nathan’s long lost brother, Sam. Sam steals the show as we see how his return impacts Nate’s quietly settled down life that took a lot for him to get established and Sam’s return seems to wreak havoc on everyone around him. Sam comes off in the trailer as the unintentional villain, a character Naughty Dog seems to have grown accustomed to, as it appears that Sam’s love for his brother and treasure hunting is driving a wedge between Nate, his friends and his family, as he is torn between two worlds.

It’s no doubt that the majority of the game will be focused on this relationship dynamic and how Sam’s jealously of Sully and Elaine’s ties to his brother will be tested as Nate reverts back to his old ways of life. The agonizing question throughout the game, however, will be will Sam the big brother’s turn on his little brother Nate who unknowingly left him to rot in prison for god knows how many years.

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On top of the already amazing cast of characters that make their return, we also got to see the well-rounded villains who’s plans we will foil and goons we will take down and man are they interesting. Although not much is known about our secondary villains yet, what we do know is that Sam owes them money and Nadine is not on his side. From the first appearance we have of Nadine, she comes off as both the main villain and an twisted version of Chloe; she’s on the side of the bad guys, but also has friendly ties to our heroes. The real question is will she remain being an adversary or will she turn like Chloe did? Along with Nadine comes an unnamed man who in the trailer comes off as the “big boss” behind the race for the pirate treasure, with Nadine as his muscle. He also looks an awful lot like Jake Gyllenhaal.

Not only do we get a meager glimpse into the deep emotional story to come our way in the next few months, but Naughty Dog also teases various breathtaking locals we will be exploring in our hunt for the pirate treasure and some new gameplay mechanics. The on rails action set-pieces will become more interactive, our dialogue options have been branched out in a few sections of throughout the game and now our adventure trekking will extend to not only on land, but since we are dealing with pirate treasure here, underwater as well.

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The only things that makes my stomach twist about this new addition is the coming pain of searching for those blasted sparkly treasure collectables while navigating an underwater section, as well as experiencing the adventure of kid Nate and Sam. Uncharted 3’s brief section of kid Nate felt like the weakest part of the game. This is not to say that these glimpses into Nate’s speculated and mysterious past wont be good, but Uncharted 3’s version leaves a bitter taste behind.

Other than that, it’s hard not to be excited for the last installment in the flagship series, which by the looks of the story trailer, will turn out to be an emotionally worthy swan song for the characters of this world unlike Uncharted 3 would have been. The wait looks to be well worth it.