Week 5 Day 2 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

Prediction-wise yesterday did not go as planned. FlyQuest, per usual, did some very odd drafting taking Jarvan mid which isn’t exactly why they lost; but didn’t help matters. Meteos also managed to show up and while he’s not a carry jungler was given Kha’Zix and Elise for his first two games back. Two picks he should be incredibly comfortable with and performed well on them. Here’s the rankings going into day two:

1)  Cloud9 (8-0)

2) Team SoloMid  (6-2)

3) FlyQuest (6-3)

4) Phoenix1 (5-4)

5) Echo Fox, Immortals (4-4)

7) Counter Logic Gaming (3-5)

8) Team Dignitas (3-6)

9) Team Liquid (2-6)

10)  Team EnVy  (1-8)

Today we’ve got a big one in TSM vs C9. It’s a great rematch between the two best teams in the LCS and with the improvements TSM have made since week one they could pull it out. Starting off the day, however, is CLG vs Immortals alongside Team Liquid and Dignitas.

CLG and IMT is a battle between two middle of the table teams. Neither is looking so hot and with a win CLG and even their standings in the bracket going into the second day. That’s important because it would make them tied for the last playoff spot or fifth depending on if Echo Fox can pull it out a win. With their matchup vs IMT they’ll probably play the long game. Dardoch spoke last week about how they’re still figuring out how they want to draft and play the game and get those two areas to sync up, so it’ll be interesting to see what adjustments they’ve made in their approach.

For IMT they’re hoping for Pobelter to step it up in the mid lane against Huhi and for Reignover to continue to be a factor. He had a great showing on Graves and if he can continue to get his hands on him that’ll hopefully be what they need. That being said that the only jungler he’s been impressive on so he’s quite and easy target to ban out. With that in mind and the likelihood of games going long I’m taking CLG in this one.

Team Dignitas has made a major adjustment going into the second half of the split moving Cop to the head coach position. That change resulted in  a 2-0 win for Dignitas against FlyQuest. We won’t get into the fact that FlyQuest went with Jarvan mid for both games as in all honestly that didn’t matter too much. From both games Dignitas just played a better brand of League of Legends than they have in previous weeks. Team fights were better and they managed to wipe FlyQuest a few times in late game fights to seal the deal. Overall the change looks to have been for the better.

Team Liquid on the other hand have no major changes to speak of other than they may be looking for a new ADC this off-season. In an interview Piglet announced that if doesn’t manage to win anything this season he might call it quits and is leaning towards the latter. He hasn’t won anything since his move to North America and that’s weighing on him pretty heavily. Maybe that will be enough to spur Liquid in the right direction, but I have Dignitas taking this one.

The biggest match of the week is the rematch between Cloud9 and Team SoloMid. Oddly enough there isn’t much to say here other than this is going to be a great match. Cloud9 have remained the dominant team we’ve seen since week one taking down everyone that crosses their path. Their solo lanes all play great and on the off-chance that they are playing from behind they have the  composure and knowledge to still get advantages and win the match.

Team SoloMid have made some great improvements in their team play since week one and that’s due in large part in finding out what to do now that Doublelift is gone. While it’s still a work in progress that hasn’t caused them to lose too many more matches as Cloud9  and Echo Fox are the only teams keeping them from perfection. This could honestly be anyone’s match and it’s about time for Cloud9 to lose one anyway, but I’m sticking with them and their undefeated record.

Team EnVy have and incredibly unfortunate split. There’s always one team and they drew the short straw this time around. Fortunately for them they have Echo Fox who have been hit or miss lately. Last week Echo Fox did exactly what I said they’d have to do to beat TSM, and that’s to get them early and finish early. The first game ended in 30 minutes and the second right below 40 at 36. Echo Fox have a nasty habit of playing bad in the late game and managed to avoid that this time around.

EnVy, however, is a great team when it comes to getting early pressure, but after 30 minutes they’re typically down 1,000 gold. If this match goes late it’ll be interesting to see who pulls it out. I believe Echo Fox can, but it’s anyone’s match after 40 minutes.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day two in bold: (20-12)

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals (2-1)
  • Team Liquid vs Team Dignitas (1-2)
  • Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid (2-1)
  • Team EnVy vs Echo Fox (1-2)