Overwatch League Semi Finals Day 2 Recap

The London Spitfire and the LA Valiant went head to head today to see who would go on to play in the Grand Finals next weekend at the Barclays Center. Wednesday saw their first game in the best of three series, with the Spitfire coming out on top. London would need one game to take the series, with Los Angeles needing both games to win.

The first map of the day was Dorado, and London was on the attack. While it was a well fought battle from both sides, it ended with London able to get all three points. Valiant’s attack went well, looking better than they have in a while, but they ended up losing on point C when London came in with a tight defense.

Next up in the map pool was Oasis. The comps that both teams chose for this game were interesting. They both had triple DPS, with the Valiant using two Tanks and a Mercy, and London taking an unusual single main Tank in Winston, and a Mercy/Brigitte double healer setup. On London’s DPS, we saw Birdring on Reaper, who is seldom played in the Overwatch League due to his lack of range. Birdring did incredibly well with him, however, allowing London to take a quick point A. Point B was much more balanced, and the Valiant’s choice of a triple Tank, triple healer setup was a smart pick, but in the end it would also go to London, giving them the round.

Match point took us to Eichenwalde, where the Valiant would have to win in order to keep their hopes alive. With London on attack, it was a Pharah battle between Profit and Agilities for point A. London picked up the payload pretty quickly, and set up a new triple DPS comp to escort it. After the second checkpoint, London preemptively switched to a Tank melting comp for the final stage. It was a quick three points, and it was over to LA for a last stitch effort to stay in the series. The Valiant would capture point A and escort the payload all the way through to the end. This means the Valiant would have one more chance to escort, and London would have to defend. They were able to capture the payload, but only made it just past the first choke before London was able to wipe them and cut things short. With the checkpoint set, London had a minute and a half for their run. It went very quickly, and that was it. London will go to New York to face off in the inaugural Overwatch League Season Grand Finals.

Tomorrow will see the final two matches between the Philadelphia Fusion and the New York Excelsior. Game one starts at 7 pm EST.

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