Play-Asia Charges $699 for a PS4 or Xbox One, Calls it a ‘Deal’

Talk about kicking you while you’re down. While many last minute gift-givers are scrambling for a PS4 or Xbox One, just as many scalpers are using it as a reason to charge exorbitant amounts for PS4s and Xbox Ones. Perhaps the days of setting up a van on a street corner with thousand-dollar PS2s are gone, but that isn’t stopping people from asking inflated prices on eBay or Craigslist. If there’s one avenue we wouldn’t expect to be overcharging, however, it’s respected retailers. Apparently, Play-Asia doesn’t care about losing that honor.

The video game/importer launched a promotion earlier this week dubbed “Santa’s Secrets: Presents for a Happy Christmas” where they are putting up a new deal on the site every day until the 20th, promised to arrive before the holiday. Today’s deal? A PS4 and Xbox One.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? A chance to own two of the most coveted gaming items at a discounted price? Not so.

In fact, not only are they not discounted, but ridiculously inflated. The PS4 and Xbox One are $699 each. For those keeping score, that’s $300 more than MSRP for the PS4 and $200 more than MSRP for the Xbox One. More still, that’s not even including the retailer’s ridiculous shipping. To get the touted Christmas-guaranteed “Courier Shipping,” it’s at minimum an extra $64, bringing the PS4 to nearly double its “retail” price.


We’re not even sure about the legality of jacking up prices for a product price fixed by the manufacturer (if anything, it seems like something that would be a breach of contract between them and Sony/Microsoft/their suppliers), but it’s a rotten move anyway you look at it.

Not only is it insulting for a retailer to charge more than MSRP for an item, but to do that and then parade it as a deal? Now that’s the Christmas spirit.