PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Sony’s Answer To Smash Bros.

A rumor was spreading about a Sony game to feature a multitude of characters from various owned properties that some likened to Super Smash Bros. This weekend, Sony finally pulled away the curtain and announced the game.

Expect characters like Kratos from God of War and Sweet Tooth of Twisted Metal to duke it out violently. SuperBot Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica also featured some unexpected ones like PaRappa the Rapper and even one of the Fat Princesses from Fat Princess.

Stages shown in promotional material have a crossover feel, such as the Patapon world blending with the Land of Hades from God of War and Jak & Daxter mixing with Hot Shots Golf.

While gameplay concepts are very Smash-like, it does deviate from the conventional mechanics and adds some interesting twists. Each player can gain levels of their gauge to perform a special super move for example.

Not much has has yet been revealed, but it seems developers are interested in making PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale legitimately competitive for serious players yet accessible for casual users. For those who have been in interested in fighting games in the past couple of years, the development team features Ed “Edma” Ma, a player and game designer who reached top eight in Evolution 2009 for Street Fighter IV, and Maj, founder of fighting game strategy site Sonic Hurricane.

All-Stars Battle Royale will be arriving this holiday season, but check back during E3 for — fingers crossed — more information.