Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Guide: How to Obtain Fly, Swim, Dash, Climb, High Jump

Being that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are open world games and progression is entirely up to the player, you’re able to get a lot of the special HM abilities early on. Well, early on may be putting it generously as you’ll still need to be a decent level to obtain some of these. All of the HM abilities we’ve become so used to, you’re able to obtain them by taking down fierce Legendary Pokémon, all five of which are part of the Path of Legends questline.

Due to the open world nature, teleportation is no longer tied to the Fly ability and are instead allowed to freely revisit cities and locations at your whim. Instead in its place is Glide, which allows you to get from place A to place B a lot quicker while in the world. The rest will make traversal in general all the more enjoyable as you get through the story. We highly recommend getting Swim as soon as possible as the rivers and lakes hold valuable Pokémon.

  • Dash – Level 16 Rock Legend (Level 16)
  • Swim – Level 19 Flying Legend (Level 19)
  • High Jump – Level 28 Steel Legend (Level 28)
  • Fly / Glide – Level 44 Ground Legend (Level 44)
  • Climb – Dragon Legend (Level 55)