PS Vita 2.0 Firmware Released

If you can’t wait for the half-dozen free games to hit Vita today, then you’ll want to download the new 2.0 firmware update. It not only enables PlayStation Plus, but improves the functionality of the web browser, lets you check up to five e-mail accounts, and allows for wireless file transfer between the Vita and a computer running the Content Manager Assistant software. The browser can now display 1080p video, and if you’ve got GMail or Yahoo Mail accounts, you can just enter your username and password and get those ready immediately. Anything else will require you enter a whole bunch of settings, which are kind of a hassle to input using the small on-screen keyboard.

The most exciting feature that’s been added is being able to save your game data to the cloud – meaning that if you’ve got a Vita memory card running low on space just because you’re afraid of losing your saves, you can just back them up now and delete the games without worrying about losing your data. The wireless file transfer feature makes it easier than ever to save Vita screens to a computer, although it does require you to update the Content Manager software and register the system with the computer and its Wi-Fi network before enabling this functionality. It may sound like a hassle, but it really only takes a few minutes to set up once you update the computer software.