Psychonauts 2 Mental World Collectible Guide: Nuggets of Wisdom

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Nuggets of Wisdom are glowing, gold objects related to each individual that serve as the Psychonauts 2 Mental World equivalent of PSI Challenge Markers, as picking one up automatically increase your PSI rank by one, giving you an extra Intern Credit to spend on upgrades in the process.

Loboto’s Labyrinth

You won’t be able to get either nugget until later, when you’re allowed to backtrack. Once you can, you’ll be dropped off in the Central Office area. Walk up to the portrait of Loboto in front of you, use pyrokinesis to burn it down, and collect the nugget behind it.

As for the second nugget, now use the PSI-Popper Generator — the little alien-like guy that allows for fast travel in previously-visited Mental Worlds — to transport you to the Trashcan. Platform up to the teeth and use telekinesis to unzip the zipper again, but now instead of taking you to a new area, it reveals a nugget behind it.

Hollis’ Classroom

Hollis is notable for technically having only on Mental World, but spread out across two different levels, with one being an altered version of the other. When entering via the Collective Unconscious, it treats them all as one, letting you travel between both versions. In the classroom at the beginning, use Mental Connection to navigate your way up to the “DISGUST” thought bubble. Drop down from there and the first nugget is on the platform across from it.

The second nugget is found at hospital entrance, to the left of it and in some bushes by a large palm tree figment.

The third one is found in the chapel at the very end, just laying on a nearby bench.

Hollis’ Hot Streak

After taking out the Censors and Bad Ideas upon arriving at the entrance to the hospital/casino, jump on top of the limo you came in, then to the roof above it, and the nugget should be on top of a sign.

Enter the Records room from the morgue, take the left path at the very end of the hallway, then burn the poster behind the computer at the end with pyrokinesis.

The next nugget is one you won’t be able to get until you have a PSI rank of at least 30. This allows you to get the Dark Thoughts upgrade for Mental Connection, which allows you to travel along previously inaccessible dark thoughts as well as stray thoughts. In this case, use the dark thoughts found in the Pharmacy’s back room to allow you to travel to a nugget.

Finally, return to Cardiology after learning Projection later on, head into the supply room to the right of the betting table, and summon Raz’s archetype to open a locked door inside for the final nugget.

PSI King’s Sensorium

In Vision’s section, past the trampoline and vines leading up to another spotlight, you should spot a pair of spinning platforms. Use the Time Bubble to slow them down, then hop over to the nugget.

The second nugget is in Taste/Smell section, right after you cross the first set of giant flapping tongues that you have to slow down, and it’s a tricky one. Once on a trampoline above and cross from where they are, you should see the nugget floating above one. You have to use the Time Bubble to slow that tongue down, and time it right so that it creates a platform you can leap on (as you can’t interact with the nugget mid-air). You might want to save this for later, when you can get the Overstay upgrade or the Big Time pin that can help.

The third and final nugget is in the Touch/Hear section at the beginning. Climb up and go left from the main path to find a spotlight and use that to create a bridge to the nugget.

Compton’s Cookoff

This may be the shortest level in terms of size, but the time limits for the cooking challenges may cause you to frantically move through things. Don’t worry, you get to freely explore the area in between the commercial breaks, which helps. Go behind the Hippo Pot, and if you have Mental Connection’s Dark Thoughts upgrade, connection to the thoughts and travel along them to the first nugget.

The second nugget is found on the top of the slide in the center of the arena, and there are multiple ways to get to it, like jumping from one of the trampolines and levitating to it, rail grinding over to it and likely others, so this should be an easy grab.

Strike City

We’re in Ford’s mind now, and like Hollis, he has multiple levels — four of them — treated as one world by the Collective Unconcious, with the collectibles spread out across all of them. After the area with a giant germ that initially travels by on your right, dismount from the bowling ball and jump across to the building on the other side, and climb the water tower to find the nugget at the top.

Cruller’s Correspondence

From the platform where you initially find the typewriter’s L key, you should see a floating package that you can jump to. From there, use Mental Connection on the stray thoughts, them jump over to the lamp at the end of it to get the nugget.

Ford’s Follicles

After jumping across the first two platforms in the area, flip the switch on the other side, then use Levitate on the newly-created gust to find the nugget.

Cassie’s Collection

At the beginning in the Librarian’s section, you should see the Suitcase on a stack of books. Use the Pouncy Ball upgrade for Levitation to eventually get to the suitcase, then from there, jump to the card drawer above it, then jump down from it to the area with the first nugget.

From the left of the first updraft in the teacher’s section, you should find a stray thought. Use Mental Connection on it to find other thoughts that take you upwards, where you’ll find the second nugget.

Immediately after existing the fish cannery’s evidence room in the waterfront, the third nugget will be right there, seemingly as a reward.

The fourth nugget can be the hardest one to find and stumped us the most. While riding the boats in the center of the waterfront, though, you should glimpse it in the market area. Go to the edge of the market that leads back to the start, and instead drop down to some books below (best to tilt the camera here). From there, platform to the right for the nugget.

Bob’s Bottles

After entering the first bottle and entering past the kitchen, continue on to the level until you find the first straw you can use. From the boulder across it, turn left to find three vertical straws. Climb and jump across them, and the first nugget should be on another boulder.

Once you go into the sunken ship in the second bottle and arrive at the Sunken Motherlobe, you should find a locked door on one of the walls. Use Projection to open it and get the first vault.

For the second nugget, after entering the third bottle (the one on the island with yellow flowers), jump across the lily pads on your right, then jump up to the can and rail grind on its straw over to a hallway up above featuring a banquet. Jump to a nearby platform while rail grinding instead of heading over to the banquet.

Lucrecia’s Lament

The first nugget is in the circus area. Head up to the Carousel of Chaos, take a right upon reaching it, jump on the tightropes, and jump up to the nugget.

The second is found in the third part of the quilted section. While walking down the path, you may find two sections on both side of you, in the forest, containing a nugget and the duffel bag tag. Despite all logic saying that you should just be able to jump/walk over them, invisible walls are in play. Instead, you’ll spot two large buttons on the ground. Yank them up using telekinesis to reveal paths to interact with and head down the second one to find the nugget.

Fatherland Follies

The first nugget is found in the recreation of the Lady Lucktopus room behind the exile display’s ocean backdrop, which you need to enter anyway for story purposes. Much like you did back in the real world earlier in the game, use pyrokinesis on the portraits on the wall to reveal a path to a secret room, where the nugget lies at the end.

The second nugget is resting comfortably in the second area’s Treasure Room, and is impossible to miss, especially as you head in here to advance things as well.

Finally, like the second Memory Vault in this level, the third nugget is also in the Whispering Rock display, but this time enter the first tiny cabin (or just head over from the back of the second cabin, which links around to it).

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