Resident Evil 2 Guide: All Secrets, Safe & Locker Combinations

The remake of one of the greatest horror games is finally here and it’s absolutely fantastic. With it comes changes to the puzzles and secrets. In this guide, we will go over the various safes and locker combinations that you will need to find.

If you’re looking for the Mr. Raccoon Toys, be sure to check out our guide here. If you’re looking for solutions to the various puzzles, be sure to take a look at our guide here.

Also, the portable lockers are randomized, so you won’t be able to find a good guide here. You’ll have to workout the combination through trial and error.

Locker Combinations

Police Station 1F West Office Left: NED

Police Station 1F West Office Right: MRG

Police Station 2F Hallway: CAP

Police Station 3F Hallway: DCM

Sewers (Upper) Control Room: SZF


Safe Combinations

Police Station 1F West Office – 9L, 15R, 7L – Hip Pouch (two extra item slots)

Police Station 2F Waiting Room – 6L, 2R, 11L – Muzzle Brake (Matilda) for Leon / High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3) for Claire

Sewers (Middle) Treatment Pool Room – 2L, 12R, 8L – Shogun Stock (W-870) Leon / Reinforced Frame (SLS 60) for Claire

** The safes don’t have regular combinations where you need to rotate it multiple times to the left and right. You just need to hit each number in one go.


Secret Items:

As for the two secrets on the film roll, they are located in two parts of the RPD. You will need to develop these first in order to find them.

The first is on the first floor where you first crawl under the shutter at the beginning of the game. Go into the press conference room just outside of the office and in the corner you’ll find a small table. Inside will be an either Needles for Claire or Fuel for Leon.

The second location is simple. On the second floor in the S.T.A.R.S. office (the one where you first meet a Licker) you will find the item in Wesker’s desk. There is a scope for Leon’s Magnum and a high-capacity Mag for Claire’s MQ 11 Submachine gun.