Resident Evil Village Guide: Goats of Warding Locations

Resident Evil is known for its puzzles and survival horror elements, but something that was slowly implemented starting with Resident Evil 4 is collectibles. Whether it’s the Blue Medallions or the BSAA Emblems, there’s a lot of things in the world to shoot. The only difference with Resident Evil Village, there isn’t too much reason to outside of the challenge points that can be used to buy an assortment of extras to help your cause and an achievement.

They are scattered all through the village, and some of them can be difficult to find. We’re here to show you exactly where each is, and be warned, most of them are missable.

*NOTE: Goat of Warding 20 is found near the end of the game after an action-heavy section. It’s underground and near the source of what’s affecting the village.  

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