RetroMania Wrestling Now Official Sequel to WrestleFest – Mat Mania DLC Planned

Retrosoft Studios announced today that they have been working with Arc System Works, the owner of many Technos IPs, to become the official sequel to Wrestlefest. The latter was an iconic early ’90s WWF game and one that has remained a blast to play even today. Its pick up and play gameplay led to things like an iOS reimagining being released, but that didn’t quite please fans with its iffy controls and hollow gameplay. Retrosoft saw that there was a demand for a game like Wrestlefest and announced RetroMania Wrestling as a spiritual successor until today. Now, it officially carries on the lineage of Superstars and Wrestlefest, at least as much as it can without having original code or development team members on-board.

Since its inception, we have seen the game go from having some bigger-name freelance stars to having House of Hardcore, to most recently adding in the revamped National Wrestling Alliance and its NWA Power studio set. Today it was also announced that Retrosoft has the rights to Mat Mania This means that beyond that game maybe getting a re-release later, there is DLC planned that could enable us to have some extra characters that are inspired by some of the best ever – like Dynamite Tommy as a Dynamite Kid inspiration and Golden Hulk being inspired Bruiser Brody.  RetroMania Wrestling is set for release in 2020 across all consoles and on PC.

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