Roguelike Arena Brawler Gone Viral Set to Infect Early Access

The nice thing about murder dungeons is everything.  There’s dungeons, and there’s murder, and the two go together like peanut butter and chocolate.  Gone Viral is an action roguelike that’s been in development for a while now working its way through beta, keys basically available basically for the asking, and it’s been getting tons of polish and love all that time.  Apparently that’s just plain not good enough because, despite feeling super-polished and filled with content, it’s been announced today that Gone Viral is hitting Early Access on September 24.

The plot of Gone Viral is about as simple as it gets- you’re a gladiator/prisoner starring in a bloodsport that’s one of the most popular shows around.  Like most good action-roguelikes you move from one randomized room to another, clearing out enemies while trying to find as many power-ups as possible to mutate into the biggest, strongest, toughest psycho to beat his way through the hordes.  The main weapon is an electro-sword that packs a nice punch, but you’ve also got a grapple that does light damage but pulls enemies towards you, perfect for setting up a combo or just dragging someone into a spike-pit or across a flame tile.  Bashing an enemy with the sword not only hurts whoever it makes contact with but sends them flying, bouncing off other enemies and doing damage to all, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to set up a trap with spiked balls or explosive barrels.  Creative kills with high body-counts get the fans, and fans express their love through gifts of events and mutations.

I’ve been playing Gone Viral since PAX East, way back in February when the world seemed a little saner and I could actually shake the hand of a developer and be handed a card with a Steam code on it.  While crazy shenanigans like that are a faded memory, Gone Viral has stayed around and been a great time whenever I’ve played.  Soon enough it’s going to be available for all, but if you don’t feel like waiting there’s a nice demo to check out right now.  (Steam here, here, and GameJolt here.)  Or there’s a nice new launch trailer to check out, giving a good overview of the madness within.  Either way, there’s a whole lot of creative killing ahead, and the fans wouldn’t have it any other way.