Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition Hat Location Guide

Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition is home to 50 hats that the adorable little tentacled creature can freely switch between by talking to the hat-obsessed Loulou. Most of these hats reward Tako with a helpful ability to aid in his adventure to stop the fighting between humans and octopus, but they’re not always easy to find. Fortunately this guide will help players looking for a specific hat figure out what it is they need to do in order to snag their very own. A good number of these can be obtained in any order and just require story progress to obtain. The hats listed at the bottom will be ones obtained through story progression.

Cute Ribbon – In the introductory level aboard the stormy boat, there’s one door that Tako can enter. Inside there will be a lone soldier who Tako will need to talk with to receive the hat. If the soldier isn’t spoken to in the initial level don’t worry, the Cute Ribbon can be found later in stage 4 as a shiny object on the first platform above the ground. Keep this hat in mind as it will be required for a later hat as well.

Hat of Friendship – After helping Loulou in stage 2, visit her hat shop in the Octopus Village and she’ll reward Tako with this hat.

Crab – Go to the crab mini-game in Octopus Village and manage to hit 100 crabs within the time limit to earn this hat.

Orb – Found in stage 5 by entering the door of a sunken ship and exploring inside.

Flower – Speak with the young girl named Lea in Belys to get this hat.

Takoyaki – Play the Takoyaki mini-game and get at least 25 points to earn this hat.

Leo’s Boomerang – After rescuing the young boy Leo return to Belys. Once done watching the cutscene, head back to stage 8 to find the treasure that can now be unlocked.

Umbrella – Found in a chest while progressing stage 12.

Witch’s Hat – Speak with the black cat in the Witch’s House and it will request a fish. Head back to Belys and talk to the fisherman by the entrance of town and deliver the fish Tako receives to the cat to get this hat.

Whip – Found just before the checkpoint in stage 18. Ink the soldier below this treasure chest and jump up to get it.

Heart Crown – Collect exactly 99 gems to purchase this hat in the city of Sarona.

Boxing Glove
– Find the dojo in Sarona and challenge the master there. Get a score of 15 or more to win this hat.

Queen – Approach a lone girl in a house in Sarona while wearing the Cute Ribbon to get this hat.

Top Hat – Speak with a young boy wearing a top hat in Sarona to start the short quest for this hat. He wants to play hide and seek with Tako and his friends. Find all five children hidden in the city to get the Top Hat. There’s two in the area the Top Hat boy was found in, two in the screen just left of that area and the last is in the farthest left screen. This is a quest important hat and will be used multiple times later.

Necromancer – Head to stage 20 and travel through until a large hole in the ground. Jump across the gap and use the enemy birds or a jumping based hat to jump up to the ledge. There will be three tombstones up top that can be pushed, but only one is correct. Push the far right tombstone and head down the hole that appears and open the treasure chest to get this hat.

Mad Hat – Head to Madeobel Village and enter the house with the elderly man. He’s crazy about gems and wants a ton of them. First he requires 25, then 50 and finally 99. After delivering these three amounts to him he’ll reward Tako with the hat.

Magnestist – In stage 27 there’s a hidden door in the top left of latter half of the stage that contains a chest with this hat.

Octo-Cannon – Head to the Octopus Village with either bombs or a spike ball to break the nearest bunch of coral to get this hat. This hat is required for another hat that can be gotten immediately, so keep wearing it to get that right afterwards.

Ink Master – Speak with the takoyaki chef that’s outside the shop while wearing the Octo-Cannon to get this hat.

Piolos Babies
– Speak with one of the guests inside the Takoyaki shop and they’ll ask Tako to take down the birds around the village. There are 7 birds to hit. Return to him and he’ll mention his bird-obsessed brother and open up a new side area. Go into the area where the Piolos boss was first fought and speak with the young man up in the trees who informs Tako of some bird eggs in danger. In order to progress this quest Tako will need a hat that allows him to go across large gaps like the Fairy or Cat hat. Once Tako has one of these such hats, traverse the new side stage and get to the end. Head back and speak with the brother once more to get this hat.

Hammer – In Sarona, visit a carpenter who lives in the small top left most house. Afterwards head to the battlefield and speak with him again. This will unlock a new side stage that Tako must traverse until he finds a cabin. Inside will be another NPC to speak with. Finish the stage and head back to the battlefield and speak with the carpenter again. Once it’s unlocked head to Madobell Village in Ydor and speak with the NPC in the bakery, then head back to the battlefield once more to speak with the carpenter where he’ll reward Tako with this hat.

Dog – Once the battlefield has been rebuilt for the hammer hat, visit the far right house and speak with the young boy inside. Travel to Ydor and head into the dog house and speak with the boy inside. Return to the battlefield and speak to the characters in the far right house once again to get this hat.

Shovel Blade – After finishing world 6, head back to Ydor and speak with a hooded NPC on top of the roof. This will unlock another secret stage that once completed will award the hat.

Dance Ribbon – To begin this long quest to gain three new hats, first head to Ydor and find a house on the upper level with painters inside. Talk to the one with a hat and mustache, and then head over to Madobell village. Head into the house in the top left most corner and speak to the woman inside. Then travel back to Ydor and head to the theater to speak with the old woman there and gain the artist card. Immediately go to the right side of the theater and enter the door with the face above it and speak with the person in there to take part in dance lessons. Dance well enough and this hat will be earned.

Brush – The Dance Ribbon allows Tako to dance in front of people and gain popularity in Ydor. His task is to gain 50 fans, and in order to do that he must approach any NPC and dance (by pressing the attack button) in front of them in hopes of gaining a new fan. Visit everyone inside and outside in order to gain more fans, and equip both the top hat and dancer ribbon in order to gain access to the far left house and dance for the characters in there as well. Once 50 fans have been gained, head back to Madobell Village and show the artist in the top left house in order to get this hat.

Lute – With the brush now acquired it’s time to get the final artistic hat. Equip the Top Hat and head to the farthest left house in Ydor. Speak with the Marquis there and then head to the Pub. Speak with the young boy to the left of the bartender, and then head back and speak with the Marquis again to get the hat.

Unicorn Horn – After finishing the Temple of Belys, leave and return there to speak with the little girl. This will unlock a hidden stage that once completed will reward this hat.

Fairy – In stage 41 there’s a hidden door on the far left of the stage. Go through it to find the cocoa bean. Head back to the Village of the Ancients where it can be given to one of the NPCs in a house to make chocolate. Take the chocolate to the grumpy NPC in the village to go down into his house until reaching a flower that can be jumped into. Do this and read what the statue has to say in order to unlock a hidden stage that will reward this hat once completed.

Demonic Fire – Around the middle of stage 42 there will be a tall tree that can be climbed to the top with the option to continue left or go right. Head to the right and drop down below where there should be a flower. Jump over it and go down another hole where a second flower without a face will be waiting to be jumped into. Investigate the statue in the next area to unlock another hidden stage with this hat as the reward.

War Helmet
– After entering stage 43 there will be an octopus that needs to be followed through a maze-like forest. Continue following this octopus until one of the trees has a hole in the bark. Instead of following the octopus, take the bottom right path to get this hat.

Cat Hat – This hat requires access to a hat that allows for higher jumps or flight like the jump hat or fairy. After stage 4X players gain access to the Landfill. Instead of going inside the temple, climb or fly up top to meet a cat sitting on a chair and speak with them to unlock a hidden stage. Complete this stage to get this hat.

Blackstar – After finishing world 6 head to the Great Temple of Sarona and talk to the NPC outside at the farthest right. This will unlock a hidden stage that will reward the hat when completed.

Diane’s Shield – After finishing world 6, return to the kingdom of Ydor and enter the castle. Head to the upper level and speak with the King to get this hat.

Sage Hat – There are a total of 7 sages in Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition, with six hidden in each main area of the game making it one of the longest quests to get a hat for. The Ocean sage can be found a far ways into the story where there’s fire on a cliff side. Use Azuria’s cloak to put out the fire and one spot will reveal a hidden passageway where the sage lies hidden. The Belys sage is in the empty house above the Takoyaki shop. Head inside and go up to the right wall and jump slightly. There will he a hidden path to find the sage. The Sarona sage is located in the city in a house with a girl and dog. Use Azuria’s Cloak to put out the fire, and then enter the fireplace to find where the sage is hidden. Head to Ydor and into the castle towards the throne room. Once in the garden there lies a large tree. Climb to the top and once standing on top press up to enter a hidden entrance to the next sage. In the Village of the Ancients there is an invisible wall with hanging vines on it. Burn them with a fire hat, go to the right and enter an invisible door to find the fifth sage. In The World Order overworld, head into the farthest top right corner until just below the moon. Jump up and enter an invisible door to find the final sage.

Once all other six sages have been found return to Sarona and speak with the sage there in a house by himself and he will reveal that he was the seventh. Open the chest that appears to claim the sage hat. If Tako accidentally leaves without opening the chest and re-enters the chest will have seemed to disappear. Leave the city and re-enter to make it reappear. (Note: This bug has been addressed in an update since writing so be sure to update if applicable before grabbing this hat.)

Ghost – In stage 19 there is a hidden spirit that asks Tako not to forget them. While this doesn’t begin the quest, it will be important to remember this for later. Continue through the game until running into another spirit in the River of Spirits that looks much different from the others and asks Tako to find their lost friend. Return to the spirit in stage 19 and speak to it again. Travel to the volcanic crater and go as far left as possible in order to investigate a grave. This will open up an extra stage that when beaten will reward this hat.

Hat Book – Head to stage 11 once Tako has a hat that allows him to burn vines. Head to nearly the end of the stage and burn the vines to a small entrance below and speak with the Otter inside. Afterwards, collect all 49 other hats there are. Find Loulou and speak with her and she’ll inform Tako to go with her. Head to the Ocean to find a brand new side stage has opened up. Complete it to gain the final hat available. Once all hats have been completed, try taking on the final battle once again to see a slightly different ending screen.

Prince Hat
– Obtained through story progression.

Evan’s Feather – Obtained through story progression.

Sword of Sarona – Obtained through story progression.

Bombs – Obtained through story progression.

Pirate Bandana – Obtained through story progression.

Holy Veil – Obtained through story progression.

Octopus Soldier – Obtained through story progression.

Azuria’s Cloak – Obtained through story progression.

Spike Ball – Obtained through story progression.

Baby Zilla – Obtained through story progression.

Breath of Fire – Obtained through story progression.

Jump Hat – Obtained through story progression.

Scythe – Obtained through story progression.

Sword of Fairies – Obtained through story progression.

Hopefully this guide helps those wanting to complete their adventure in Save Me Mr Tako: Definitive Edition with every last hat.

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