Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen for October 31

Screenshot Saturday falls on Halloween this week, and you’d better believe there was no way the developers could ignore that opportunity.  Skeletons, bats, pumpkins, and the all the trimmings of a bloody, spooky, cute, and deadly Halloween (it’s a complicated holiday) adds even more fun to what’s already a great look at works in progress.  As usual, there are no guarantees these shots are from the best games out there, but every single one is an eye-catching glimpse of games to come.  Don’t forget to click the arrows on the .gifs for extra animated goodness.

Slain-  Every screenshot from this badass side-scrolling action combat game is Halloween-appropriate.  Every single one.

Let’s Go Camping-  It was nice to see Let’s Go Camping pop up on the list, especially seeing as it’s been all-quiet from the developer since March.  Hike to dungeons through the woods and set up your tent and fire to survive in the wilderness.

Sky Chasers-  You’re a critter in a steam-jet powered cardboard box flying through levels collecting coins and trying not to flip over.  Also, as the .gif makes obvious, it’s super-cute enough to make it’s complete lack of Halloweenishness an irrelevancy.

Melon Quest-  Side-scrolling action RPG about an underpants-wearing alien chasing after stolen melons.  There’s some very nice environmental art happening in this particular shot, with moving pipes feeling oddly oppressive as they stretch off into the distance.

Stress test-  If there’s a game it’s a bit too early for any information yet, but whatever it may become it breaks really nicely.

Impulse-  Another game that’s long on animated pics and short on info, but Impulse looks to be a speed-run FPS with dash and parkour moves to liven it up.  There’s a really nice sense of movement to the character and 3D design in its level in this section of gameplay.

Nature’s Zombie Apocalypose-  Just a giraffe with a rocket launcher exploding zombie monkey-people who burst into flowers.  As one does.

Cold Vengeance-  Third-person action shooter taking its inspiration from the PS1 era, where Canada has attacked the US and only Sgt. Jon Dagger has the skills to take on the Canadian Robot Army.  There may also be ninjas involved, because those guys get into everything.

Astroneer-  This game keeps popping up in Screenshot Saturday, but dangling an astronaut off a rocket by accidental tether makes it totally worth re-featuring.

Skychasers-  Well this name sounds familiar.  Unlike Sky Chasers above, this is 2D pixel art arcade jet combat. All those little icons on the edge of the screen shows that shot-down fighter will have plenty of friends willing to avenge its defeat.

Hardland-  This action/RPG has been up on Steam’s Early Access for a year now but doesn’t look anything like the panning shot above.  As the tweet says, it’s an experiment in shaders, but a striking one.  The entire aesthetic direction would need to be designed around it from the start, and  it would end up with a very different feel from Hardland’s cheerful style, but the harsh contrast style could work nicely in the right game.

Rayna’s Revenge-  Trick or Bite from the vampiric Rayna.

Bonus Image

Warhex-  Just the undulating hexagonal structures from title screen’s background, pulsing and flowing in hypnotic patterns.