Screenshot Saturday Featuring GibHard, Greedy Guns, Potato Planet, Ten More

Screenshot Saturday is all about learning new things and getting caught up with old things that are still new because they most likely still haven’t come out yet.  Each week sees developers uploading pictures and animated bits of what they’ve been working on, much of which might be seen for the first time while others come from regular contributors.  There’s a lot to learn in the endless posts, and this feature trims the hundreds and hundreds of images down to about a dozen (or a bit more) plus a bonus image.  The animations are much more fun if you click on the arrows to see what the game has to say for itself, especially seeing as about 99% of what’s available is more about brief moments of gaming rather than a single static shot.

Figment- A traumatized mind is put back on the course to healing by a mouse-eared hero traveling its surrealist landscapes, bashing enemies and solving puzzles to get the brain working right again.  It’s the new game from the developers of Back to Bed, but instead of one level after another they’re looking to create a functioning world.

GibHard- Doom-style FPS with procedurally-generated levels, lots of guns, and enemies that go Splatch! when they evaporate into a fountain of goo.  It’s even got monster closets, which at one point were considered bad game design because they… um… Made a video game feel to video-game-y?  It took a while for gaming to progress to a point where there’s room for things like Bioshock and Far Cry as well as Strafe and Gibhard.

Cobot Corps-  Co-op or single-player twin-stick action game with a focus on physics and destruction.  It’s very early, with only the one enemy type being shown so far, but it’s got a giant robot destroying a house and sweeping up the debris into a tornado of violent robot carnage.  That’s just about as promising as a first look at a game can get.

The Black Beyond-  Free-roaming space shooter RPG where you pick one of three classes of ship and try to survive on the edge of human civilization.  More importantly, it’s got missiles that leave glowing particle-trails that you can shoot down.

Unnamed- There’s no info on this beyond a few animated images off the feed, but that’s a very ocean-y looking ocean happening all around a boat that looks like maybe it ought to find a safer section of the ocean to float on.

Dandara-  Mobile-gaming metroidvania where every surface is the floor when you’re standing on it.  One of the primary design elements is figuring out how to make this kind of game without needing one of those terrible virtual controllers that suck the joy out of every game they appear in, but still offer the freedom of movement and action you’d normally expect.  It’s a good ambition, the jumping action looks quick and responsive, and the little flip animation she does before exiting the level is particularly nice.

Manifold Garden-  It’s been a while since Manifold Garden has appeared in this feature so it’s due a return visit, right?  Nice as the level is, the real star of this shot is the temple it’s inspired by, which looks like someone unfolded a 3D fractal and put in a nice lawn to anchor it to the real world.

Days of the Electric Sky- Technically this is cheating but I like this image better than the one posted today so heck with it.  Wander around infinite procedurally generated buildings housed inside other buildings, inside yet more buildings, possibly forever.

Scarf: Walking with Souls-  3D adventure platformer starring a little bone-white guy with a bright red scarf that transforms into various tools.  The nice thing about this image isn’t the gameplay it shows but rather the detailing in the world, which is really easy to blow on past when you get caught up running from one task to another.  That’s not a landscape to game in, it’s a place to lie back and stare up through the trees into the sky.

Rhenium- Top-down run & gun that’s basically about shooting your way through dark corridors, alone or with a friend in co-op, in order to get to the next level where you can do it all over again, but harder.  It’s got really sparkly laser and electric-bolt fire that shoots particles all over the place, though, and that’s always fun to see.

Greedy Guns-  Run & gun in the style of Metal Slug with heavy firepower and massive enemies to soak it all up.  Or lots of small enemies attacking in swarms, which usually amounts to being equally difficult.  There was an open beta of this a while back but the game has gone through some major revisions so it’s down right now, pending a re-release once the new version is ready.

Elephant Walk- Zelda-like game starring a small elephant exploring the world, learning new abilities, and solving environmental puzzles between bouts of fighting enemies.  Or sometimes just hanging out by the pool and blowing a toy boat around.

Potato Planet-  You’ve got a gun that shoots exactly one type of projectile, and that’s potatoes.  Baby potatoes can be used as a standard projectile, or fed to plants as fertilizer for an instant growth spurt, or even power the lights.  It’s a versatile little tuber, which is good seeing as it’s the only resource you’ve got.

Bonus Image

Starlit: Colony- While the advice is appreciated, you’d think it would be the kind of information that would be self apparent.  Those “Splatter Zone” signs at the zoo?  Nobody without direct experience would expect a hippo to have a high-velocity poop disperser.  People still crawl into the tiger pens to cuddle up to the big stripy kitty, so maybe this warning is necessary after all.