Screenshot Saturday Featuring Pankapu, Rogue Continuum, Dr Spacezoo, Ten More

Screenshot Saturday is the day to learn new things and find information on games you never knew existed.  The Twitter hashtag is the place developers post pictures and animations of whatever they’re currently working on, whether it be a new character animation or an epic environment to explore.  Like any screenshot ever published, the game may end up ranging on the quality scale from Best Thing Ever Made all the way down to Regrettable, but the pictures themselves can be a lot of fun.  As usual, don’t forget to click on any stray arrows, because an animation is far more entertaining than the random still screen that’s only a small part of what’s supposed to be there.

Pushcat-  This block-pushing, coin-collecting puzzle game has been out on Steam for almost a year now, but currently it’s being worked on for mobile.  A cute purple cat collects all the silver it can grab while not getting crushed by falling blocks or ending up trapped by unforeseen immovable obstacles, matching blocks to change them into more goodies.

Rogue Continuum-  Four-player co-op twin-stick arcade roguelike, currently on Early Access and also showing this weekend at the PlayStation Experience.  Pick from among four unique characters, grab some friends for co-op play, and travel back in time to prevent Earth from being overrun with aliens.  You’ll die a lot doing it, of course, but the fun of time travel is resetting and doing it again, a bit tougher and with bigger toys this time.

Dr Spacezoo-  Twin-stick shooter about rescuing animals from the rogue security systems on their satellite habitats.  You shouldn’t go too nuts with the incredible firepower at your disposal because taking out the animals you’ve been sent to rescue instead of their robot guards is a great way to kill your score and carry around an unbearable burden of guilt.  It’s great fun and very flashy, currently available on and coming to Steam eventually.

Super Dangerous Dungeons-  A difficult pure platformer for iOS with very nice 2D pixel art.  Nothing revolutionary, but sometimes it’s nice to see a familiar genre done well without needing to reinvent the wheel.

Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel-  A combination adventure and action/puzzle game done in the style of a 1930’s black & white cartoon, this game sees Cherry rescuing her fox friend Fleish from the evil Mr Mallow.  She’ll need to travel to the top of a hotel filled with all sorts of cartoon characters and designs, and seeing as Cherry is usually the one being rescued by Fleish it’s an all-new experience for her.  As this animation implies, it’s also hand-drawn, and looking wonderful for the effort.

Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper-  Action platformer set in the world of dreams, done in the style of a story being told by a father to help his son fend off nightmares.  The game will be filled with beautiful art, much of it featured on the still-active Kickstarter page.  Pankapu just beat its funding goal a couple of hours ago at the time of this writing, and with five days left on the clock can still earn a few bonus stretch goals too.

Unknown-  There doesn’t seem to be any game associated with this, but it’s still fun to look at the numbers and realize how the logic of the red dots’ movements work.  Each number is the minimum number of squares to get to the yellow center, and the dots just flow to the lowest value.

CrossCode-  After a nicely successful Indiegogo campaign, CrossCode landed on Steam Early Access and has been updating semi-regularly ever since.  It’s a retro-styled action/RPG with some nice puzzles to break up the monster-smacking, and even has a hefty demo to show off its 16-bit styled gaming.

City Thing-  There is, according to another post on the Twitter feed, a game associated with this procedural city generator.  I’m not sure it needs a game, because I know I could probably watch this thing create new worlds all day long.  There’s a more in-depth post over here on how this works.

Arms of Telos-  Super-early competitive multiplayer FPS set on networks of satellites in space.  What this means in practice is that some areas within a single level have gravity while others are full six degrees of freedom, and much of current development is focused on making sure getting through these areas is as smooth and fun as possible.  The animation above really does a great job of showing off the clean, fast movements through the environment.

A Quiver of Crows-  Twin-stick side-view shooter where you’re a crow in a corrupted world.  I love the art style on this one, in the way it blends the stark black and white silhouettes of the foreground with the more colorful, but still low-detail, backgrounds.

Telecom Tycoon- Normally a business sim wouldn’t have a screenshot worth sharing.  Normally all those graphs and figures and choices don’t make for the most entertaining set of pictures.  A map of the country with states broken up into hexes, overlaid with budgetary information? It’s generally not super-exciting to look at, even if it can be fun to play. Not as much fun as the option to shut out the NSA, though.

Bonus Image

Distance-  This isn’t from Distance specifically, but rather a mod for the game.  I can practically hear the Green Hills theme in my head right now.