Screenshot Saturday Featuring Strafe, Worlds Adrift, Sixteen Others

The first full Screenshot Saturday of 2016 is off to an incredible start, now that the holiday weekends are over and people have settled down after digesting the remains of the year-end binge.  There are thousands of new images available, many from brand-new games just starting their path to development, making the need to trim the list down to a nice dozen (plus bonus image) a little tricky.  So have 17 instead.  The usual weekly disclaimers apply, though- a screenshot is nice but no promise of sheer unfettered gaming perfection, and the little blue arrows make the images much more fun to see.  “Animated .gif Saturday” may be more accurate but it just doesn’t have the same ring.

A Skyrocket Story-  The journey of a rocket into the adventurous sky, as rendered in pen and ink artwork.  This is already available on iOS but there’s an expanded PC version on the way, complete with new and intricately-detailed art.

Unnamed-  There’s no more information for this game than what’s in the tweet, but it looks adorable.  I’m not sure why there’s a double-bed on a pile of leaves, or an owl living with a skeleton, but I’m sure the reasons make perfect sense.

Illi-  This strange little mobile-device platformer stars a furry horned slug with a slightly wonky relationship with gravity.  “Down” is only an idea in relation to how Illi is pointing when she jumps, and the trick to the platforming is to use this to get all the glowing items in a level before furrily slithering home.  Very weird and cute.

Rule With an iron Fish-  Another mobile-only game, this one stars fishing pirates.  Use whatever you can pull up from the depths (and apparently heights) of the sea to build a town, fend off rival pirates, and build strange ships.  A pirate fishes for what she likes, where she likes.

The Colony-  You are an ant.  Specifically, you’re an ant on your own, having abandoned the safety of the old colony to create a new one.  It helps that you’re also anthropomorphic, so can use tools and weapons to create the biggest, strongest, most resilient ant colony to ever burrow into the earth.  The triangular-walls building system in this shot looks nicely efficient for throwing down quick structures.

Failure-  RTS set in a hacker’s paradise virtual worl.  Create and deploy your units from a library of scripts and carefully advance through the hex-based terrain to take control of each sector.  The cool neon cyber-style art does a great job of bringing its levels to cyber-life.

Auto Age: Standoff-  Car combat in the far-flung future of 2080 with an art style taken from the 1980s.  While there’s a single-player mode the game is designed primarily around multiplayer matches, driving and shooting and upgrading your way to victory as you take on other players or team up to wipe out enemy bases.  Things go Boom! very nicely, which is always a promising start in any new game.

Age of Ascent-  MMORPG set in an accurately-mapped Milky Way galaxy, and it gets a multiplayer free-for-all dogfight every other Saturday to test the PVP.  It’s actually designed to run in-browser, no extra download required, with very forgiving system requirements.  For that much firepower kicking around the screen it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Places-  This isn’t a game so much as a series of environments you can walk around in, soaking up the atmosphere and briefly relaxing in a little virtual landscape before getting back to the noise of the real world.  Really lovely for a few minutes of kicking back, and if you get impatient the F key lets you fly everywhere at super-fast speeds.

Unnamed-  The new game from the developer of Wings of Vi.  It’s going to be a combat/platformer that’s a bit more forgiving than Wings of Vi was, but that’s not the same as making it easy.  Other than that details are still scarce, but the combat system l0oks like it’s off to a good start.

Chase and Hunt-  iOS game about being an eagle on the hunt.  While the game is already out it’s still getting tweaked, as evidenced by the brand-new Eagle Vision feature.  Zoom in on prey from the heights and then dive down to scoop up your free bunny dinner.   Don’t feel too bad for the bunny, it’s the rabbit’s fault for being made of delicious meat.

Fatal Flight-  Rail shooter with obvious nods to Sega, especially in the music.   Fly, shoot, and dodge, through the blue-sky arcade levels.

Bountybattle-  2.5D fighting game influenced by Smash Bros, where up to six people can slug it out from a selection of 30 weird characters.  The necromancer’s skeletons have quite possibly the least threatening but most entertaining run animation of any fighting game minion ever summoned.

Strafe-  Semi-rogue-like FPS that cleared its Kickstarter hurdle early last year and has been getting bigger and shootier ever since.  It’s a fast-action 90s-style frag-fest where you can paint the levels with enemies’ spurting blood-spray, and it’s even got a demo over on to play with.

Crimedogs-  Pretty much 100% of all information on this game is available in this tweet, but it’s info that makes me want to see more.

Worlds Adrift-  Mutliplayer adventure in the shattered islands of the sky.  There are giant robot feet to be found, and if Laputa isn’t flying around up there somewhere I’ll be very disappointed.

Unknown-  No idea, but it’s got shiny lights and neon particle explosions in nicely complimentary colors.  These are good things in any game.

Bonus Image

She Dreams Elsewhere-  RPGMaker game that just landed on Greenlight.  It also has airtight logic on the correct process by which one should deal with anything that makes a web of that size.  It’s always a mystery why, in any game with a forest, dungeon, or other environment with giant spiders why the heroes don’t just pull out a few tanks of gasoline and worry about salvaging any treasure from the charred ruins.