Sol Exodus- Shiny Shooty Space Madness

Well this came out of nowhere.  Sol Exodus is a lovely looking throwback to the Wing Commander/Freespace days, when capitol ships were packed full of single-pilot fighters and everyone wanted to be a non-copyright-infringing version of Star Wars.  Releasing on Steam in a very few days, Sol Exodus’s Unreal Engine 3-powered first person space shooter pyrotechnics are set in our home solar system, where one can assume bad things are happening.  Further, these terrible events can most likely only be averted by a plucky/determined space pilot at the helm of an advanced fighter loaded down with zappy guns, missiles, and who knows what other destructive toys.

In all honesty, all I know about Sol Exodus is what’s on the linked web site and in the video below, but my, does it look like a lovely combination of pretty and awesome. See for yourself-

See? Lovely!