Sony Lowers Prices For Top-Shelf Vita and PS3 Games

It’s been a great week to own a modern-day PlayStation platform, and it’s gotten even better with Sony reducing the MSRP on a wide variety of games for both the Vita and PS3.

As originally reported on NeoGAF, they’ve lowered the prices of 17 games total — rising if you count each game in the collections as separate entities. No-brainer buys at these prices include Wipeout 2048 for the Vita, Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition, God of War: Origins Collection, and the Jak and Daxter Collection. If you don’t care about DLC, then Uncharted 3 for $20 is a must, although there is a GOTY Edition of that looming. Right now, not every retailer has quite caught on to the new prices. Amazon’s dropped many prices, but is also out of stock for a lot of those games. Frys has the games in stock online, Best Buy doesn’t seem to be recognizing the new price point, but Gamestop is and has the games in stock on their site, so if you go to a BB store with the new price in hand, you should be able to price match them without any trouble.