Sony Strives To Anger Gamers With Next Console

Note: This is straight out of the rumor mill and currently unconfirmed. We’ll keep you updated on any confirmations in the future.

Want to save some money and buy a game used? Want to bring your new game purchase to a friend’s house? Well too bad!

In a move that can only be described as “They’re doing it on purpose now,” Sony has decided to make their next console unable to play used games, unable to play borrowed games, and unable to play PS3 games.

According to Kotaku, an insider source detailed how the next Sony console (currently codenamed Orbis) will require an unlock code for games to play properly. Without a code, you are stuck in a “trial period” — whether that’s time-based or content-based isn’t known. This means that gamers will have to buy an unlock code for their used games (in other words: might as well buy it new); which also means, of course, that bringing a game over to a friend’s house is no longer possible, putting another point on the “game companies hate real life” tally.

On top of that, Orbis is currently slated to have no backwards compatibility with PS3 games. Whether it will retain the ability to play PS1 games (as the current PS3 does now) remains to be seen, but if we have to guess, we’re going to go with “No.” And don’t even bother asking about PS2.

We usually don’t give much credence to rumors, but Kotaku has quite an impressive track record with “insider sources.” Any new developments will be added to this post in the future.