Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations (Calaglia)

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The first zone of the game, you will find the most Owls here. A staggering nine, each one isn’t too difficult to spot, but some can be overlooked.

Owl 1: Dog Tail

Just outside of the first hideout, and just after the menacing insectoid optional boss, you’ll find your very first owl on a tree that’s not doing so hot.

Owl 2: Spotted Cat Ears

On the west side of the map, you’ll need to climb some overgrown vegetation. Here you’ll find our feathery little friend past a set of enemies.


Owl 3: Cat Tail

On your way back to Mosgul, take a detour near the bridge and swing left to find a little area where the owl will be located.


Owl 4: Monocle

In Mosgul, you’ll find an owl hanging out on the heightened area south on the first wooden platform.


Owl 5: Dog Ears

During the raid on the castle, head into the small broken house to find an owl taking shelter.


Owl 6: Left Bandage

This one can easily be missed considering all the chaos that is going on around you. In the next area from the last owl, there will be one snuggly under some wreckage.


Owl 7: Rabbit Tail

Found inside the castle itself, head to the third floor in which you can find an owl hanging out with some chicken in the south west room.


Owl 8: Rabbit Ears

After the damage is done on the castle, you can find an owl above where you woke up. Simply take the ladder to find it.


Owl 9: Frame Glasses

This one is hard to miss. In Lacerda Cliffs, you’ll find a dungeon north with a campsite. Directly east of the campsite will be the final owl of the area.