Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations (Cyslodia)

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The chilly zone of Cyslodia has a solid six owls to be found, but while some of them are on the main roads, some can be found off the beaten path.

Owl 1: Left Eye Patch

Just before Messia 224, you’ll find a little guy hanging out on the rock next to the bridge.


Owl 2: Wolf Ears

Hidden within a basket in Messia 224, you can find the second owl up to the left. Isn’t it adorable?


Owl 3: Wolf Tail

Just outside of the main city in the middle of the small icy pond, you’ll a rather lonely looking owl with a… wolf’s tail?


Owl 4: Sunglasses

Just outside of the Silver Swords’ base, you’ll find a cool-looking owl rocking shades.


Owl 5: Devil Horns

Inside the dungeon of the prison itself, on the second floor, south most room, you’ll find a rather demonic-looking owl on the shelf.


Owl 6: Half Frame Glasses

Outside of Cysloden, going down the main path, you’ll come across a bridge. Up to the left of the bridge is a tree with a scholarly-looking owl at the top.