Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations (Ganath Haros)

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The final zone of Dahna, you’ll be able to find the final six owls scattered about. Fortunately, this is not where your journey ends, as there are even more after all of this is done. You’ll get an achievement for these 32, though.

Owl 1: Right Eye Patch

In the first area you wash ashore on, there will be an owl just outside of the village hanging out on giant mushrooms.


Owl 2: Star Hair Clip

In the town of Thistlym, near the second exit where you fight a number of enemies and get your groove back, you’ll find a star of an owl below a pyre.


Owl 3: Right BandageĀ 

In Shinefall Woods, instead of going across the bridge to the campsite, there’s a wall that can be walked across to find a well-hidden little owl.


Owl 4: Swirly Glasses

In the large Lavtu Marshlands, the south most island you’ll find a cliff you can fall down to get an enhancement item, but also a owl.


Owl 5: Hottle Doll

Right before the door to the main boss of Del Fharis Castle, look up to find another well-hidden purple owl with our little Hottle on its head.


Owl 6: Sad Glasses

After the fight for Pelegion, you’ll be free to move around. On the second level south of the elevator, you’ll find the final main owl.