Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations (Mahag Saar)

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The “liberated” zone of Mahag Saar, there are various owls scattered through these forest and swampy areas. Being so open and windy, you can easily miss a couple, but thankfully there are only five to find.

Owl 1: Red Rose Corsage

Inside the city itself, you’ll find an adorable little owl in a little basket in the northeast.


Owl 2: Retro Sunglasses

Just a little west of the city of Niez, you’ll find a broken down house where an owl living in another era is hanging out.


Owl 3: Angry Sunglasses

In the Adan Lake, which is south of Aqfotle Hills, move through a broken down castle-like area with a tower at the end. Instead of going into the tower and facing the enemies, hook around and go down a smaller path and find the angry owl on the wall.


Owl 4: Angel Wings

Overlooking a beautiful waterfall, you’ll find another angelic owl hanging about.


Owl 5: Butterfly Wings

In the Mobile Fotress Gradia ship, head to the second level, and the second from the last room in the north west, you’ll find a buttery little owl on the table.

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