Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations (Menancia)

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The beautiful and bustling zone of Menancia is ripe for wild life. Of course this would be somewhere our little owls would run to, but some of them still want to remain in unseen, as their hiding spots aren’t all easy to spot.

Owl 1: Red Tropical Corsage

After the hard shelled dungeon, you’ll come across a slope with a fishing pond at the bottom. To the upper left on the pond will be a owl welcoming you to the new zone.


Owl 2: Devil Wings

In the big area next to Viscint, the main city of Menancia, you’ll find an owl hidden within the farming fields.


Owl 3: Giggle Glasses

In the north area of the Traslida Highway, you’ll find a plain. Go immediately east past some monsters and turn around to find a goofy owl on the perch.


Owl 4: Halo

In the city, you’ll find an angelic owl next to some vendors.


Owl 5: Crown

Inside the castle, you’ll find a kitchen among other various rooms. Here a kingly owl will be on one of the shelves.


Owl 6: Devil’s Tail

An easy-to-miss owl, just outside of Viscint on the Talka Pond Road, the last owl of the area is found on top of the walls to the west.