Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations (Special)

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So you thought you were done with all the owls? Well you either saw the activity section of your Field Guide and saw 38 owls or you just got the notification that there are now new owls found throughout Dahna, but regardless, these are no doubt the hardest ones to find. They’re not too difficult, but it requires backtracking and looking over the various areas you’ve already been through. Fortunately, we have all the locations for you so you don’t have to worry about searching every area. Instead of giving you cosmetics, you’ll receive artifacts that will change your game, generally for the better.

Owl 1: Vivid Sphere (Calaglia – Iglia Wastes)

With Dohalim’s new found ability to grow foliage, head to the location you found one owl in the area and you’ll find another level can be climbed. Here you’ll find a treasure chest and the first of six special owls.


Owl 2: Battle Maiden’s Shield (Calaglia – Glanymede Castle – Lord’s Chamber)

Where you fought Balseph near the beginning of the game, head to his personal chambers to find an owl taking over as the new lord of the realm.


Owl 3: Broken Machine Gun (Cyslodia – Riville Prison Tower – Hidden Chamber) 

Unlike the first owl, this will be located within the prison of Riville in the hidden room (on the second floor in the main hall) you should have been given access to on your first go around. This owl is on top of one of the weapon cases.


Owl 4: Ancient Excavator (Menancia – Autelina Palace – Guard Room)

In the palace you’ll find a guard room on the second floor. Simply go in here and find our little companion on the table.


Owl 5: Trident (Ganath Haros – Del Fharis Castle – Lord’s Chamber)

There’s not much to this one. Travel to the castle and go to where you fought the boss of the area. Here the owl will be seated on the throne.


Owl 6: Metal Miner’s Cap (Unhabituated Island)

The final owl requires a bit of leveling as you’ll be facing a level 59 boss. After finding the letter in a bottle on the shores of Tuah (where you washed up), talk to your friendly sailor to get you to the island. Here you’ll meet a familiar face, but more importantly, the final owl.

And there you have it. All 38 owls found and completed. Enjoy the spoils and sense of gratification. Head on over to the Owl Sanctuary to collect your rewards and scene.