Tales of Arise Guide: Owl Locations

The long-awaited revamp of the Tales series is finally upon us, and to great success. While it has it issues, it has some of the best action RPG elements in any JRPG, and improved dungeons and environmental designs. But while we can go on about how good the game is, we’ve put together a guide to help you with some of the side content that will span across the entirety of the campaign.

Little Hottle needs some friends, so you’re tasked with finding the little owl a whole batch of friends and return them to the Owl Sanctuary. You’ll be rewarded adequately (namely cosmetics) by the King, but some of these guys can be tricky to find. Here are the locations of all 38 of the owls spread through all of Dahna, with the last six being available closer to the end of the game (you’ll know when you’ll be able to find them as the game will promptly inform you).