The Rocksmith 2014 Set List Is A Changin’, Gets Dylan DLC Pack

Rocksmith 2014 continues to get even more content that you’d have to be crazy to purchase. The game styles itself as more of a teaching tool than an actual game with the promise of teaching you how to rock out in just a few short months. The base game comes with a good catalogue of songs, but they have just been throwing DLC at this thing at a regular basis to boost its catalogue up to insane proportions. The latest batch of DLC will let you jam to some of the better Dylan songs, including “Like a Rolling Stone,” “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” and “Just Like A Woman.” The three songs are available right now, and you can purchase all three as a combo or just the one or two you like, but this DLC pack just seems like a horrible deal even for big Dylan fans.

Currently, you can buy the base game for $50 over at Gamestop, and it comes with over sixty songs. This Bob Dylan DLC pack comes with three songs and costs a whopping $7.99 (or $2.99 for individual songs if you’re feeling particularly stupid). This is what we like to refer to in the gaming business as “a freaking terrible deal” and even if you love the game you’d have to be insane to purchase one song for that price. The appeal of DLC has always been more content for lower prices, but here you actually pay more per song than you do in the base package, and that is even at the games original price and not the discount at Gamestop.

But to top it all off, the idea of DLC for a game that proposes to teach you the guitar is just inexplicably stupid in the first place. Say for example, the game works like it promises and after playing through all of its lessons and included songs, you are a rock god and can play Free Bird using only your toes and your teeth. You now have a guitar and can play whatever you want, where ever you want, and don’t need overpriced DLC tied to your console. You can find sheet music cheeper if you want to buy it and if you’re enterprising enough (or thievy enough) you can probably find a lot of it free online. And if the game doesn’t work then why would you want to buy more content anyway?

The Dylan songs put the games downloadable content for Rocksmith 2014 at well over 200 songs and I can think of few worse DLC in terms of content given for your dollar. If you’re considering a purchase of this, feel free to send me an email because I’ve got some nifty horse armor to sell you.

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