Thralled Announced For an OUYA Release in Late 2014

For years, gaming has had a “mature” crisis, with the term being used to describe bloodshed, swearing, and somtimes-mindless nudity and vulgarity to the detriment of the medium. It was announced today the the OUYA will be getting a game that should help change that perception. With 12 Years a Slave bringing the topic back into the public consciousness, Thralled‘s release could be coming at about the perfect time. It tells the tale of Isaura — a runaway slave in 18th century Brazil — and chronicles key events in her life. Topics that are never covered in gaming, such as the disappearance of her child, will be the driving force of the adventure, which will see her brave a thick forest and deal with her former masters to find her son. An early demo of this intriguing game will be at the OUYA booth at GDC. This OUYA exclusive will see release on the console in the fall of 2014, and should be a must-play for anyone who has ever been fascinated by the topic of slavery.