Trials of Mana Angela Character Class Guide

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Angela is a magic specialist who has the most attack magic available at her disposal of any character. Her powerful magic can also be used to debuff enemies and give allies the upper hand, depending on the class path she takes. She’s worked hard to learn magic so she’s sure to use it to help her allies.



Starting Class

Locked Abilities: None

Class Strikes: Double Slash

Lunge forward quickly and deal damage with a wand




A class with a variety of spells. Sorceresses can use different types of elemental magic to attack their enemy’s weakness.

Locked Abilities: Magic Burst

Damage from magic increase by 15% when MP at 100%

Class Strikes: Love Typhoon

Magical hear appears and explodes, dealing damage to the enemy



Mystics are good at hindering enemies and proficient with dark spells. They can learn abilities that use their own HP to increase the damage of their spells.

Locked Abilities: Wrath

Magic attack and magic defense increase if ally faints

Class Strikes: Pummel Star

Magical stars appear and bombard the enemy, dealing damage


Grand Diviner

Grand Diviners are great at fighting and learn area attack magic. They can learn abilities that power up their spells to destroy multiple enemies at once.

Item: Arcana Book

Locked Abilities: Refresh

Recover 15% of MP after winning a battle

Class Strikes: Boomerang Spiral

Magic infuses the spinning wand and creates a tornado, dealing damage to enemies in the area



A varied casting class. Archmages can use a variety of powerful elemental attacks to hit enemies where they’re weakest.

Item: Esotera Book

Locked Abilities: Desperation

Recover 40% MP when HP drops to 10% or below

Class Strikes: Dancing Wand

Wand flies around magically and damages enemy from all sides


Rune Seer

A magic class with debuff spells. In addition to damaging spells, Rune Seers can also cause status effects. They can also destroy lower-leveled enemies in an instant.

Item: Rune Book

Locked Abilities: Guardian Runes

Status effect resistance increase by 30%

Class Strikes: Ton Shatter

10-ton weight falls, damaging enemies in the area of attack



An incredibly powerful mage class. Though magi have lower stamina, they have potent magic.

Item: Omen Book

Locked Abilities: Soul Hunt

Magic attack increases by 20% for 30 sec. After ally faints (effect cannot overlap)

Class Strikes: Hotshot

Magical bullets fire from the wand and damage the enemy

Class 4 (Light)

Mystic Queen

One of the topmost Magician classes, Mystic Queens have the magic variety of a Grand Diviner and the elemental prowess of an Archmage. They are experts in many kinds of magic attacks.

Item: Sage Sphere

Locked Abilities: Elemental Master

Deal damage regardless of resistant element

Class Strikes: Blessed Pledge

An Angela original: two opposing elements combine for massive damage

Class 4 (Dark)


One of the topmost Magician classes. Spellbinders can annihilate enemies like a Rune Seer with the magical range of a Magus. No one stands a chance against their quick fire power.

Item: Sage Sphere

Locked Abilities: Greed

Recover 3% of MP when receiving damage

Class Strikes: Ton Annihilation

1000-ton block of ice falls and deals massive damage to enemies in the area of attack

Our Tips: 

Deciding which path to take with Angela depends on if it’s more important to go in with strong attacks that eat up MP quickly or hinder enemies slowly over time before dealing the final blow while typically using less MP. The Light path allows players to learn focused magic spells and area of attack magic, making for big splashy displays that hurt elemental weaknesses. The Dark path has a strong emphasis on long-term effects that help consistently drain health from enemies. It should be noted that going down the Light path does lock Angela out of using dark type magic but offers more elemental options at her disposal. Anyone looking for the widest range of elemental options to target weaknesses or rely heavily on weakening the enemy over time will want to add Angela to their team. Although she isn’t a healer at all, a strong magic user is a powerful ally on any well-balanced team.

Best Team Composition:

Angela is good at holding her own when it comes to magic but does best on teams that can heal her as she doesn’t learn healing abilities herself.

  • Light Angela paired with Light Duran or Light Charlotte would make a fully supportive team that leads the charge with magic and attack power through Duran.
  • Dark Angela, Dark Duran and Dark Hawkeye also make for fierce opponents as they set traps and use magic to barely give any normal enemies the chance to attack.
  • Light Angela with a Light Riesz and Dark Kevin would also make for a beautifully well-rounded team that covers most bases but ends up relying on healing items more often.