Trials of Mana Character Class Guide

In Trials of Mana every character has the chance to be blessed by the goddess and change their class through the story. This class change is split into either Light or Dark, and each path ends with one of four classes that each character can become. The differences are abilities and the core focus of the class, making it worth taking every single one into consideration based on each persons play style. Players could go heavy on healers, magic or just attempt to be a full on brawling team. It can be a hard choice, though, and it isn’t easy to reset until late game, so we’ve made a handy guide to help players understand what each class entails. The second upgrades require specific items which can be obtained from random treasure chests in the last half of the game from ??? Seeds. They are random and unfortunately not guaranteed to be the one needed, so it may take a few tries to get the right one. Follow each of the links below to the correct character in order to get more information on their classes and how they’re useful in a fight!

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