Trials of Mana Charlotte Character Class Guide

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Charlotte is a heavily magic focused character that specializes in healing. She’s able to buff her party members or help weaken the enemies while summoning monsters to her aid if given the chance. She’s a friendly girl who just wants to be able to help her friends and family with everything she’s got.



Starting Class

Locked Abilities: None

Class Strikes: Whackbam

A bouncing lunge and damaging attack with a flail




A supportive healing class, Priestesses have a high spirit stat that increases their healing powers. They can use fire, water, earth and wind saber magic to help their allies with more than just recovery magic.

Locked Abilities: Mercy

Add 10% of CS gauge when casting healing magic

Class Strikes: Jump

Staggers enemy with a damaging flail attack



A class for a fighting healer. In addition to healing, Enchantresses can learn attack magic. They are powerhouses that can take down enemies on their own if necessary.

Locked Abilities: Distress

Attack and magic attack increases by 10% when affected by status effect

Class Strikes: Dash

Super fast springting does damage in the area of attack


High Cleric

A super support class. High clerics can learn many kinds of healing and recovery magic to save their allies.

Item: Holy Bottle

Locked Abilities: Security

10% chance of no damage when receiving damage

Class Strikes: Chop Slap

A few damaging whacks and a hearty thwack with a paper fan blows an enemy back



Sages are a strong support class that can get rid of status effects and use saber magic on the whole party.

Item: Salt Bottle

Locked Abilities: Magic Bell

Magic attack and magic defense increase when receiving magic damage

Class Strikes: Kersplode

Magical flail falls on enemy’s head and explodes



A class that is good at weakening magic, Warlocks can also attack their enemies with the strong “Fetid Breath” spell.

Item: Curse Bottle

Locked Abilities: Life Swipe

Recover 15% of HP when using class strike

Class Strikes: Jumbonk

Mysteriously enlarged flail batters enemy



A balanced class, Necromancers know powerful summoning magic for undead monsters. They can learn “Dark Curse” to lower an enemy’s stats.

Item: Ash Bottle

Locked Abilities: Repetition

Damage increased by 5% when using summoning magic in succession (up to 30%)

Class Strikes: Bombtastic

Inexplicable attack damages enemy from all sides

Class 4 (Light)

High Priestess

One of the topmost Cleric classes, High Priestesses have the healing powers of a High Cleric and the support magic of a Sage. They know healing abilities that can help their allies when they’re in danger.

Item: Hope Sphere

Locked Abilities: Salvation

Recover 100% HP for all fainted allies when fainted

Class Strikes: Kablooey

Magically enlarged flail falls on enemy’s head and explodes for massive damage

Class 4 (Dark)


One of the topmost Cleric classes, Chaosbringers have the attack power of a Necromancer and the inhibiting magic of a Warlock. They can weaken their enemies and cause status effects to turn the tide of battle.

Item: Hope Sphere

Locked Abilities: Small-fry

Decreases all enemies’ magic attack and magic defense when battle starts

Class Strikes: Whamblast

Manipulates the dark power in all things and deals massive damage in the area of attack

Our Tips: 

Although half the characters in Trials of Mana have access to decent healing abilities, Charlotte fills the role of the strongest healer in any party as she always gains healing regardless of her class. Choosing her class upgrade is just a matter of choosing what secondary focus a team is seeking. Going down the Light path will give Charlotte access to spells that put elemental benefits on ally weapons, allowing them to deal bonus damage when enemies are weak to it. They can also choose if they would rather Charlotte focus on boosting strength or being a fully-fledged healer. Going down the Dark path allows Charlotte to learn attacking magic which makes her a dual healer and magic attacker. The Dark path also allows Charlotte to become a summoner and bring undead ghouls to her side to help in battle. Taking Charlotte is a must-have with no other available healers, but it’s deciding between the buff focus of Light or attack focus of Dark that make the difference.

Best Team Composition:

Charlotte works great on both balanced or attack heavy teams.

  • Light Charlotte could make a team with Dark Kevin and Dark Duran a pair of unstoppable forces that focus purely on doing high damaging attacks without worry about their health. Going magic heavy with Light Charlotte and Dark Angela is also great for those aiming at elemental weaknesses with a strong attack character like Kevin to be the main physical character.
  • Dark Charlotte makes an excellent opposite to a Light Duran on a team with a Light Riesz or Light Hawkeye to help balance out damage.