Trials of Mana Duran Character Class Guide

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Duran dreams of being a strong fighter much like his father and is both a strong fighter in addition to a great defender. He’s a great ally who can both aid his allies or go on the full offensive to wear his enemies down. He’ll always try to do his best in everything and is a trustworthy companion on any team.



Starting Class

Locked Abilities: None

Class Strikes: Cross Cut

A quick leap forward followed by a damaging cross slash



A protector class, Knights are proficient at both attack and defense. They can use shields, weapons and healing magic to defend their allies.

Locked Abilities: Bear It

Defense increase by 10% for 10 sec. At the start of battle

Class Strikes: Triple Slash

Two slashes in a row followed by a forward thrust damages the enemy



A class with high attack, Gladiators can’t use shields, but they possess great power. They can use fire, water, earth and wind saber magic to deal lots of damage to their foes.

Locked Abilities: Indomitable

Attack increase by 10% for 10 sec. At the start of battle

Class Strikes: Spin Slash

Enemies in the area of attack get caught up in a huge whirlwind



A stamina-based, highly defensive class. Paladins can learn abilities that aid their allies. They’re good for support.

Item: Knight Tag

Locked Abilities: Protective Light

Decrease light/dark elemental damage by 10%

Class Strikes: Glint Slash

A blast of holy light energy from the blade causes damage to enemies in the area of attack



A balanced fighting class with good attack and defense. Lieges can also use healing magic to protect their allies and increase the party’s survival rate.

Item: Prince Tag

Locked Abilities: Sanctum

20% chance of increasing healing magic’s effectiveness by 100% in battle

Class Strikes: Magic Rend

A damaging slash at a magically bound enemy



Edelfrei are great at attacking and can learn earth, water, fire and wind saber magic. They excel at fighting techniques, able to strike at enemy weaknesses.

Item: Battler Tag

Locked Abilities: Mastery

Weapon efficiency increased by 15%

Class Strikes: Hollow Slash

A surging power causes damage from the blade as it’s wielded



One of the most powerful fighting classes, Duelists learn strong abilities that boost their fighting prowess.

Item: Duelist Tag

Locked Abilities: Adrenaline Rush

Attack increases after defeating an enemy

Class Strikes: Quakebringer

Blade stabbed into the earth shoots energy at enemies in the area of attack

Class 4 (Light)

Divine Hero

One of the topmost Fighter classes, Divine Heroes have the defense of a Paladin and the healing of a Liege

Item: Valor Sphere

Locked Abilities: Super Healing

Heal beyond max HP when receiving recovery effect exceeding it up to 30% in battle

Class Strikes: Radiant Rend

Speedy, successive slashes deal massive damage to a magically bound enemy

Class 4 (Dark)


One of the topmost Fighter classes, Berserkers have the attack power of a Duelist and strength of an Edelfrei. They can take out an enemy with strength and diverse attacks.

Item: Valor Sphere

Locked Abilities: Frenzy

Attack and defense increased by 2% when normal attack hits (up to 30%)

Class Strikes: Hellion Fury

Fighting spirit surrounds enemy and deals massive damage

Our Tips: 

Duran is one of the most well-balanced characters in Trials of Mana. Going down the Light path gives him access to higher defensive abilities in order to aid his team while fighting on the front line. Traveling down the Dark path gives Duran a much higher emphasis on being an outright attacker who hits enemies hard at their weaknesses. For anyone just starting out, taking the Light path would make for a balanced character that wouldn’t require any other healers as long as they’re on top of keeping their friends refreshed on health and is a great beginning class with some depth to what he’s capable of. The Light path is also the only way Duran is able to wield a defensive shield item as he uses a one-handed sword. The Dark path is for those who want to make Duran a heavy hitter whether through magic enhancements to his weapons or simply the ability to boost his own strength constantly.

Best Team Composition:

Duran is a great attacker who can be an additional defender if necessary.

  • Dark Duran needs a healer to back him up which makes him great to work alongside a Light Charlotte and Dark Riesz where the combination allows the two Dark fighters to focus on attacks while Charlotte gives out magical assistance.
  • Light Duran, Light Angela and a Dark Hawkeye make for a delightfully unique team that has Hawkeye laying down traps and allowing him and Angela to do the heavy magic attacks while he takes brief moments to heal if needed.