Trials of Mana Hawkeye Character Class Guide

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Hawkeye is quick on his feet and sneaky, attacking enemies when they’re down. The lucky fighter is a tad mysterious, but has his heart in the right place and always aims to do the right thing and help others in need. He wants nothing more than to see the ones he loves safe and keep his home from going down the wrong path.



Locked Abilities: None

Class Strikes: Poison Dagger

A damaging two-handed knife attack slices enemies



A cunningly versatile class, Rangers can use magic that causes status effects, as well as attack enemies with traps. They befuddle their foes with tricky moves.

Locked Abilities: Item Master

10% chance of keeping the item when using an item in battle

Class Strikes: Swallow Throw

Throw innumerable knives to damage enemies in the area of attack



A technique-based, debuffing class, Ninjas use ninja moves and other special attacks that hinder their enemies. They excel at weakening their foes.

Locked Abilities: Focus

Magic attack incrase by 10% when HP at 100% in battle

Class Strikes: Shadow Slash

Create a copy and slash at the enemy three times per swing



Nomads can learn a wide variety of support magic to help their party come out on top in battle.

Item: Lucky Dice

Locked Abilities: Voltage

Adds a random status increase to all allies at the start of battle

Class Strikes: Dance of Roses

Distract the enemy with a rose before attacking with a dagger



Rogues can learn powerful trap attacks. Their specialties are versatile, meaning they can attack enemies at any range.

Item: Destiny Dice

Locked Abilities: Plunder

20% chance of acquiring twice the amount of an item when item is obtained

Class Strikes: Slash Fury

Daggers slice the enemy repeatedly with impossible speed


Ninja Master

A strong attacking and debuffing class. Ninja Masters have advanced ninja moves that damage all enemies in the area. They can lead their party to victory.

Item: Precise Dice

Locked Abilities: Life and Death

Attack and magic attack increase by 10% for 30 sec. With each class strike (effect cannot overlap)

Class Strikes: Shadow Menace

Disorient the enemy in darkness and bombard them with explosive damage



A devastating attack class. Nightblades have high attack stats and can take out lower-level enemies in a single blow. Their attacks can cause status effects and weaken the enemy.

Item: Dusk Dice

Locked Abilities: Cutthroat

10% chance of destroying enemy instantly when attacking enemy with status effect

Class Strikes: Split Slash

Create a copy and damage multiple enemies in the area at the same time

Class 4 (Light)


One of the topmost Thief classes, Wardenkeeps have the support skills of a Nomad and the versatile attacks of a Rogue. They learn abilities that automatically strengthen their party.

Item: Loyal Sphere

Locked Abilities: About-face

Stat decrease effect swapped for stat increase

Class Strikes: Petal Crossfire

Strike after strike of thrown hidden weapons deal massive damage to enemy

Class 4 (Dark)


One of the topmost Thief classes, Vigilantes know the hindering moves of a Ninja Master and have the high attack power of the Nightblade. After weakening the enemy, they can take them down with their strength.

Item: Loyal Sphere

Locked Abilities: Dark Zone

All enemies’ attack decreased at start of battle

Class Strikes: Shackle Sting

Special chains bind the enemy and a spiritual dagger deals massive damage

Our Tips: 

Hawkeye is the most unique character of the playable roster as he relies a lot on luck and critical hits. He can either help on the front line or help dwindle enemy health from the back depending on the path he takes. The Light path allows for him to either help keep allies at their top shape or set traps for enemies lying in wait. The Dark path makes him a little more ferocious, with more strong magic attack options and the ability to cripple enemies who come his way from the shadows. His brute strength is moderate so it’s best to pair him with another heavy attacker unless he’s receiving buffs himself, but he can hold his own with quick attacks that give out high critical damage and can potentially 1-hit KO smaller enemies without even thinking about it.

Best Team Composition:

While he can be a decent front attacker, Hawkeye is best at going in for attacks and then retreating to use spells or traps.

  • Light Hawkeye with either Dark Kevin or Light Duran allows him to focus on buffing and side attacks while the other two move forward to attack and heal.
  • Dark Hawkeye and Dark Charlotte also make beautiful secondaries to Dark Riesz or Dark Kevin who remain on the front line attacking enemies while they continue to heal and use magic from the back.