Trials of Mana Li’l Cactus Location Guide

Early on in Trials of Mana the cast of characters comes across a man looking for a cactus. A little further down the road the party will meet the mysterious Li’l Cactus. This curious creature is hiding in 50 different places across the world and finding them nets great rewards along the way. Li’l Cactus will only start appearing around the world once the first one has been introduced and will never be in locations that cannot be revisited after completion so don’t worry about missing any! Rewards from Li’l Cactus are earned for every 5 that are found and fortunately we’ve done all the hard looking! Below are all the locations for Li’l Cactus, in addition to all the rewards for finding them. What’s even better is progress on collecting Li’l Cactus continues into New Game Plus, making it perfect for replays. It’s worth noting that while these Cactus are all listed and categorized by area, some cannot be obtained until later in the story when more of the area is unlocked.

5 Cactus: View undiscovered treasure boxes
10 Cactus: Get a 10% discount at shops
15 Cactus: Occasional 2x boost to EXP
20 Cactus: Time needed to escape from battle now halved
25 Cactus: Rest at inns free of charge and a 20% discount at shops
30 Cactus: More items available and resetting Training Points half-off at the Night Market
35 Cactus: View undiscovered treasure boxes and Li’l Cactus sightings
40 Cactus: Occasional 3x boost to EXP
45 Cactus: Higher chance of good tields from seeds
50 Cactus: Obtain Li’l Cactus Ring and gain the Li’l Cactus Chain Ability*

*Li’l Cactus Ring fills CS gauge while walking and Cactus Soul Chain Ability adds 200% to all allies’ CS when battle starts if equipped


Each Cactus is marked with a red flower icon and is displayed alongside where they’re hidden away on the map to help you easily find them in every area of the game!

Merchant Town Beiser

Snow Hamlet Alrant

Oasis of Diin

Lakeside Town Astoria

Jadd Stronghold

Palo Port

Moonlight Town Mintas

Free City of Maia

Ancient Capital Pedda

Valsena, Kingdom of the Plains

Desert Capital Sirhtan

Holy City Wendel

Flowerburg Dior

Burning Sands

Fiery Gorge

Frostbite Fields

Labyrinth of Ice

Chartmoon Tower

Daria, Gem Valley

Duskmoon Forest



Lampbloom Woods

Molebear Moors

Rabite Forest

Shimmering Ruins

Woods of Wandra

Cascade Cavern

Dwarf Tunnel

Golden Road



Sanctuary of Mana

Stonesplit Gap

At a certain point in the story, the cast of characters will find themselves either traveling to the Crystal Desert, Night Cavern or Jungle of Visions. This depends on the main character that is chosen. If Duran or Angela are the main character, players will visit the Crystal Desert. If Hawkeye or Riesz are the main character, players will visit the Night Cavern. If Kevin or Charlotte are the main character, players will visit the Jungle of Visions. The party will only visit one of these locations per adventure which individually contain two Li’l Cactus. Regardless of the play through all 50 can be obtained without another adventure, so don’t worry that some of the below Cactus are in a location that can’t be visited.

Crystal Desert

Jungle of Visions

Night Cavern

Hopefully this helps all those in desperate need to complete Trials of Mana. Be sure to check out the Character Class and Secret Boss Location guides for even more information!